Get your groom involved in wedding planning

Get your groom involved in wedding planning Reading Time: 3 minutes

It seems more and more men are not just sitting back when it comes to wedding planning but taking control of arrangements from their brides-to-be, despite witnessing the horror stories on ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’! Take a look at our tips on how to get your hesitant man more involved in wedding proceedings and we speak to photographer Robin Chamberlain on how working in the industry has helped him plan his big day with ease.

1. Ask him to help

It may sound like stating the obvious but a lot of men are worried that they will just get in the way or choose a table decoration not to your taste. After all we can be slightly particular when it comes to planning.

2. Don’t expect in-depth conversations about flower choices

Bouquets and table linen? Maybe not. He may show enthusiasm but let your man stick to stag dos,suits, entertainment, the honeymoon, the transport, the guest list, the venue, the photographer…basically anything but which flower goes best with your dress.

3. Don’t say ‘I want’, say ‘Let’s do this together’

Instead of starting out with ‘I want this’, ‘ why not ask for his opinion on which colour scheme he likes best?  This lets your husband-to-be know that you feel his input is important and it will also get your married life off to a pretty good start if you can both make decisions together.

4. Have fun

It’s likely that neither of you have planned a wedding before so why make it a stressful experience? Taste wine, sample cakes, choose a honeymoon and have fun. Let him know that no matter how much of a multi-tasker you are, you sometimes do need his help!
We asked Robin Chamberlain from 83Photography, how he got stuck in with planning for his wedding which is due to take place in June 2016.

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How much have you been involved?

“I’ve been pretty involved with the planning of the wedding so far and that’s actively encouraged by my other half. As I work in the industry I think it helps that I understand when she talks about all the different aspects she wants to incorporate into our day. It’s a situation where I could very easily be totally clueless and I think that’s why a lot of men are put off from getting involved.
We have very similar tastes as well so we bounce ideas off one another working towards something we are planning together, this way it makes it more fun. Plus it’s a good opportunity to spend time with each other as we both have very busy schedules so time together can be scarce.”

What have you enjoyed most about being involved?

 I think the fact that it’s going to be a bit more of d.i.y wedding where we order, plan, decorate and make nearly everything ourselves means that on the day we can stand back at the end of it all and say “we made this”. I definitely want to be part of that sense of achievement once it all comes together. It’s always more fun to be involved than be a bystander.”

What advice do you have to those grooms who feel nervous about getting stuck in with planning?

Just do it! It’s your day too and assuming you’re helping to pay for it then get something you want as well. It’s great to see your other half happy by giving her what she wants, but it’s nicer to get what you both want together.


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