Gowns fit for a Ballerina

Ballerina Bride Reading Time: 3 minutes

I’m in bridal gown heaven right now, I think this might be my favourite style ever! It was so ridiculously hard to pick our top picks for this look. The criteria was strictly ethereal, acres of tulle, soft draping, gossamer fine fabrics, pastel colours and lots of movement.  I hope we ticked all of these boxes for you, these designers are incredibly talented, so we have included the links at the bottom as well as the Pinterest board where you will find the sources for the images too, if you prefer.

1. Softest Blush and hints of warmth…

Ballerina Bride

2. Jenny Yoo Bridesmaids

Ballerina (1)

3.Acres of the finest silk tulle…

Ballerina Bride

The Softest hues…

The gown on the right is Camille from British designer Sam Walls Beasley, now based in New York and designing gowns for the stars as well as bespoke wedding gowns.  Her collections are absolutely exquisite and certainly worth the plane journey!

4. Samuelle Couture – right image

Ballerina Bride

5. Leanne Marshall …

For ultra feminine gowns, that embody beauty and freedom – I just want to be that girl in that gown!!
Leanne Marshall

6. Alexandra Grecco

The sweetest of seperates for a mix and match look, ultra modern and very feminine.
Ballerina Bride

7. Ready to fly…

Ballerina Bride

8. Leanne Marshall for the NYC Project…

Leanne Marshall
Ballerina Bride

10. Carol Hannah

Ballerina Bride

11. Leanne Marshall via Etsy

Hand painted and dyed silk organza gown…
Ballerina Bride

12. Paolo Sebastian…

Designer Paul Vasileff has unquestionably made his mark in the fashion industry with his skill and creativity. The young boy who learned to sew with his grandmother now heads a label that has become a national icon, captivating clientele and media alike with his whimsical designs and expert tailoring.
Paolo Sebastian

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13. Etsy

Ballerina Bride

I am off to enroll my daughters for ballet classes now…
Sarah ♥
Image 1:

  1.  Wedding Sparrow – Magnolia Adams Photography
  2.  Ballerina Bride by Meg Sexton Photography
  3.  Slight Gods Tumblr

Image 2:

  1. Jenny Yoo
  2. Ballet for Adults

Image 3: Style Me Pretty – Photography by Archetype
Image 4:

  1. Style Me Pretty – Photography by Archetype
  2. Samuelle Couture – Camille Dress

Image 5:  Leanne Marshall
Image 6: Dress by Alexandra Grecco – Image Elizabeth Messina
Image 7: Ballet for Adults
Image 8: Leanne Marshall – The NYC Project 
Image 9:  Leanne Marshall – The NYC Project 
Image 10: Carol Hannah – Kensington
Image 11: Leanne Marshall – Handpainted Gown via Etsy
Image 12: Paolo Sebastian
Image 13: mywony bridal via etsy


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