Hello Summer – Stay cool on your wedding day!

Hello Summer – Stay cool on your wedding day!

Yes, technically this is another gripe at British Weather; if we aren’t talking about the rain and how this can effect your big day it’s now the small matter of the Sun!  We brits are a bit weather obsessed  of course but with the beautiful weather we are having at last its probably sensible to have a game plan.  Kiss The Bride Aug0431
If you are thinking of spending time outdoors you still need to think about Suncream and this goes for your bridesmaids, don’t go all stiff upper lip for the pics as lobster red cheeks and arms is not a great look for a girl to wear any day.

And the trick to finding a sunscreen that won’t stain your dress is to use one without avobenzone in it, according to Debra Jaliman, MD, author of Skin Rules. “The avobenzone tends to cause that horrible yellowing, especially if you’re wearing white,” she says.  Quoted from this article

P20 suncream

Keep Hydrated…

It goes without saying but make sure with all the alchohol flowing that their is enough water on hand which is regularly topped up for you and your guests, we suggest talking to the venue about this in advance.


A great accessory for a sunny day providing welcoming shade in the sunniest of places, don’t forget your maids and attendants who will be exposed also.
Bride with Parasol

Shaded areas…

Talk to your photographer about this, as take it from us squinting into the sun is not fun! it might be a fabulous archway but if you have to grimace to face the camera your going to be uncomfortable as hell.  The chances are your photographer will already have thought about this but if its a new venue to them, they may not be over familiar, so talk about it in advance.  We love the idea of creating shaded picnic areas with soft fabrics and pretty cushions where guests can chill out.
Picnic area at Grinkle Park
Ok I am off to set up my office in the garden today, all in the name of staying cool of course!
Sarah x
Keith Moss Photography
Grinkle Park


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