Honeymoon in Namibia for an epic safari adventure

Honeymoon in Namibia

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Today my honeymoon escape is taking you to the West Coast of Africa, for the perfect combination of luxury and adventure.  If Africa is on your honeymoon wish list Namibia is the place to experience an exhilarating safari honeymoon adventure.

Honeymoon Destination Ideas

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When is the best time to visit?

Namibia really is an all year round destination with little rainfall throughout the year. However, if your priority is to see wildlife then the dry season from May to October is the time to go. The wet season from October to April offers more lush vegetation and colour but is by no means a wash out. However, wildlife tend to spread out over the park making them harder to spot. November to February can be extremely hot.

With so much to offer in its diverse landscape, it’s also well suited for small explorers too, so don’t rule it out if travelling with kids.  The barren sandswept coastline is a far contrast to anything else you may have seen; littered with whale bones and ship wrecks it has a post apocalyptic drama  that is quite breathtaking.

In stark contrast the Etosha National Park belongs in the elite wildlife-watching destinations – big cats, elephants, black rhinos and plains game in abundance.

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Honeymoon in Namibia

4 Honeymoon attractions in Namibia

1. Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park, covering more than 20,000 sq km, is one of the world’s great wildlife-viewing locations.  It’s charm lies in its ability to bring the animals to you. Just park your car next to one of the many water holes, then wait and watch while a host of animals – lions, elephants, springboks and gemsboks come by in their hundreds.

Honeymoon in Namibia

2. Skeleton Coast

Where the desert plunges down to the Atlantic ocean this dramatic coastal scene is more akin to a post apocalyptic movie, with whale bones and ship wrecks part of the landscape.

3. The capital Windhoek

Windhoek is the capital of Namibia and where your adventure will begin. A beautiful town with it’s german influences is somewhat of a phenomena. Situated between the dramatic namib desert and the windswept coastline.  Try the quaint bakeries for delicious apple pie and coffee before taking in the sights of this unexpected town. Visit the iconic church which is often compared to a gingerbread house.

Honeymoon in Namibia

4. Sossusvlei

A dramatic sea of sand this epic landscape is constantly changing – the wind forever alters the shape of the dunes some of which are more like mountains.

Namibia Honeymoon

Where to stay

A honeymoon in Namibia is an incredible way to start married life and creating memories to last a lifetime.  Your honeymoon adventure will take you through vast parks, desserts and mountains with beautiful lodges on hand for weary travellers to soak up the vibe of this amazing luxury honeymoon adventure.

Honeymoon in namibia

4 Things you should know when planning a safari honeymoon

1. Not all game parks will have the same wildlife, if there is something specific you want to see, research first.

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2. Africa is vast and it goes without saying that the climate varies from region to region.

3. Some lodges will accept children so if you want a couples only honeymoon check this first.

4. You will need vaccines so make sure you get this organised and are prepared in advance.

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Honeymoon safari namibia

Namibia honeymoon

Honeymoon in namibia

Honeymoon safari in Namibia

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