How to cope with being bridesmaid three times in a year

How to cope with being bridesmaid three times in a year Reading Time: 2 minutes

Meet Sophia,  a sales & marketing manager from Thirsk Racecourse, she has been bridesmaid not once, not twice but THREE TIMES this year and on top of that has been invited to five other weddings. We spoke to her about what it was like to be an avid wedding attender and how it affected her bank balance! 
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What sort of strain does this put on your bank balance?

The most expensive aspect of being a bridesmaid is attending all the hen parties (and organising them!) I have actually set up a ‘Hen Party’ bank account which I put £50 per month into in order to help afford to go on all the parties. I am also very lucky in that all the brides and their families have bought the bridesmaid dresses so I have not had these to pay for.

Has it been stressful?

If you know well in advance how much things are going to cost, this gives you chance to save accordingly and it doesn’t then become an issue.
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Have you ever/would you speak up if you felt like you were being asked to pay too much?

No, at the end of the day this is the Hen’s special weekend and I would never want to offend her.

Also, my attitude is that you only live once and you shouldn’t worry about how much it is going to cost you – just enjoy the weekend away!

What sort of hen parties are you going on?

The first one is a weekend to Dublin, the second one we are going to Olympia Horse Show in London and the third one is a weekend away in a massive house that sleeps 22. We are doing an activity during the day and going for a meal out at night.

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How involved have you been in of the bride’s planning processes?

I have not been that involved in the actually planning of the weddings. Although, because of the job I have, I was able to give two of the brides’ details about marquee companies and bands, so I feel I have been able to contribute a little bit.
Do you have any stories to tell?