How to make pretty Confetti cones

How to make pretty Confetti cones Reading Time: 3 minutes

We show you how to make lovely  confetti cones for your wedding. Confetti cones are a brilliant wedding DIY and can be tied in with your wedding theme.

They are super quick and easy and cheap to make. Confetti cones can be handed out as wedding favours for your guests or made available at the ceremony. Confetti can make a great photo prop so your guaranteed to get that epic confetti shot!

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Instructions: How to make Confetti Cones

Step 1

Choose brown paper, sheet music or wallpaper for your confetti cone.  Draw a circle, using a plate or a pan lid as a template. Cut it out.

How to make confetti cones

Step 2

Divide the cut circle into thirds. The measurements are not crucial. We made a cardboard template to ensure all 100 cones turned out relatively similar.

Confetti cone wedding diy
Step 3

Decide if you are going to decorate the cone. You might choose to overlay it with a lace paper doily, in which case, cut the doily into three and attach a third to your paper shape. If you are planning to add lace, buttons or other trims, you can decide later, when the cone is complete.

Confetti cone wedding diy

Step 4

Experiment with the size of the cone you would like by rolling it. The more overlap you have, the narrower it will be (and the less confetti you will need).

Confetti cone wedding diy
Step 5

Using glue or double-sided tape, stick the cone shape in place. Decorate further if you like, or move swiftly on to the next one, and the next…..!
How to make Confetti Cones

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These pretty confetti cones would look great displayed in a pretty basket. Why not turn this into a hen party craft evening and gather some friends to help split the load.  The beauty is that this Wedding DIY is so easy anyone can do it!

How to make confetti cones

Easy diy confetti cones

Wedding confetti cones

Confetti cones


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