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Love Honour & Be TrueWe were so excited to hear from this wonderful home-grown, British, Make-Up Brand, Love Honour and Be True.  Helen and Kitty are sisters and they had a dream to set up  this fantastic, natural make up line in early 2014 and very generously, they sent us the beautiful Blushing Bride Lipstick to try.

Love Honour & Be True Helen and Kitty had designed a range of five wonderful lipstick shades with colours ranging from nude to red.  The whole range has been carefully considered to ensure that all colours will suit all skin tones, which is fabulous.
Love Honour & Be True

Now, back to Blushing Bride…  This lipstick is a wonderful shade of shimmery rich pink with a hint of red about it.  The colour is striking and would be perfect for any bride wishing her lips popped for the day, but at the same time, it really isn’t too much.   Love Honour and Be True have thought carefully about their ingredients, ensuring that their lipsticks are moisturising, non-bleeding and long lasting.  What more could you need from a lipstick?

Love Honour & Be True

You can find Love Honour and Be True lipsticks in their online store ( and they are a great price of £12.

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