Make It Monday – DIY Wedding Make-up

Make It Monday – DIY Wedding Make-up Reading Time: < 1 minute

We’ve helped with your DIY hair, so of course now it is time for make-up. If you have decided to do your own make-up on the morning of your wedding, finding a style that suits your skin and gown without being exactly the same as your everyday make-up. We have found five video tutorials to inspire your make-up style, or even an idea you can share with your make-up artist if you choose to have one. For those looking for a natural and fresh look, make-up artist Nicola from Pixiwoo shared her own make-up style for her wedding. For women of colour, we have a glamorous look by AlyraTV with soft but sparkling eyes, while brides looking for an alternative look can be inspired by Linda Hallberg tutorial with dark or pink lips. Brides looking for an Indian or Bollywood style of make-up, Mona Sangha has an easy to follow tutorial with a gorgeous smokey eye, and of course we aren’t forgetting the bridesmaids with a Lilly Ghalichi inspired look.

For a natural look …

For an Bollywood look …

For an alternative look …

For a glamorous look …

For the bridesmaids …

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