#MakeItMonday – Book Page Flower

Book Page Flower Reading Time: 3 minutes

At our previous Pretty Gorgeous Wedding Show, we held a craft workshop creating these fun and easy paper flowers. All you need is an old book or patterned paper and can be finished off with some glitter or stick on gems to make it extra glam. Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than it looks!
You will need …

  • Old Book (or patterned paper)
  • Floral Wire
  • PVA glue
  • Scissors
  • Cocktail Sticks

Book Page Flower Craft Equipment
Follow this …
Create three squares from the book pages. Carefully rip out three pages, folding the top corner of the page into a triangle and cutting off the bottom rectangle.
Book Page Flower Craft
Keeping the middle of the square as a centre point, fold each square into a triangle three times.
Book Page Flower Craft
Trim a semi circle into the top of the triangle, creating a petal shape and trimming the very tip off the centre. Open up all the squares and you will have three eight sided flower shapes with a small hole in the centre.
With flower one; cut out ONE petal shape, leaving SEVEN petals attached together.
With flower two; cut out TWO petal shapes together, leaving SIX petals attached together.
With flower three; cut out THREE petal shapes together, leaving FIVE petals attached together.
Book Page Flower Craft
For the ONE, TWO and THREE petals, roll them into a cone and glue the petals edge to edge. With the FIVE, SIX and SEVEN petal, roll a cone but overlap the last petals by putting glue in the centre of the petal.
Fold the floral wire in half, or fold the top quarter for a longer stem. Add a small amount of glue onto the fold of the wire for it to keep its place. Start to build up the flower with the smallest petals first and threading them up the wire. Add glue around the bottom of each petal set to attach the following set, and to the bottom of the flower to keep it in place.
Book Page Flower Craft
Using a cocktail stick, curl each petal to give a blossoming effect. You can spray your flower with a little glitter to add some shine, or use sequins and gems.
Book Page Flower Craft
Book Page Flower

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