#MakeItMonday – Table Plan

#MakeItMonday – Table Plan

The table plan is a necessity for a sit down reception but doesn’t need to burst the budget. It’s a must have to let your guests know where they can find their seat without them wandering around the venue in confusion and is also a great memento after your special day to remember who joined you in celebration. Of course, the table plan can be personalised to your theme so it fits perfectly in your venue. 
Below we have a collection of different ideas for you to try for yourself to fit your own theme.

Photo Frames

Photo Frame Table Plan

(L-R – Anna Pumer Photography, Lovestruck Weddings, This Modern Love, JB Creatives, Chris Hanley Photography, Betsy Button)

Steal this style by either buying a large frame, spray painting it to your desired colour and attaching twine across to hang up each seating plan. Or buy a variety of different frames and attach them to a large sheet of thick card or wooden plank.


Mirror Table Plans

(L-R – Matt Horan Photography, Tracy Weston Photography, Darina Stoda Photography, Frankee Victoria Photography, Craig and Eva Sanders Photography)

Steal this style by grabbing a large mirror, spray painting to your desired colour and using a glass pen to write up your table plan.


Map Table Plan

(L-R – Zara’s Wedding Shop, The Wedding of My Dreams, The Wedding of My Dreams, Camilla Arnhold Photography, Dasha Caffrey Photography)

Steal this style by following this tutorial by The Wedding of My Dreams.

Plants and Flowers

Plant Table Plan 1 Plant Table Plan 2

(L-R – Claire Penn Photography, Milkbottle Photography, The Wedding of My Dreams, Mariell Amelia, Hannah-May, The Wedding of My Dreams, Especially Amy, The Wedding of My Dreams)

Steal this style by grabbing different potted plants from your local garden centre and arranging them on a display, whether it’s attached to a wooden plank, rustic ladders or on a table.


Ladder Table Plan

(L-R – Les Amis Photo, Kerry Diamond, Sam Gibson Photography, Jess Petrie, Rebecca Douglas Photography, Fiona Kelly)

Steal this style by searching for a set of old wooden ladders at your local car boot and decorate it with flowers, lights and your table plan printed on card or held in a photo frame.


Rustic Table Plan

(L-R – The Curries, Louise Griffin Photography, Sarah Legge, Lee Robbins, MiKi Photography, Hitched)

Steal this style by decorating a vintage suitcase with fabrics and flowers, or attaching twine to old vegetable crates to hang up your table plan. You could also use the wheels from an old bike.


Unique Table Plan

(L-R – Marina Locke Photography, Mark Tattersall Photography, Neil Jackson Photography, InkLoveWeddings, Rebecca L Weddings, Bespoke Bride)

Steal this style if your wedding day is based on your personalities rather than a theme. You can turn whatever makes you YOU into a table plan.


Traditional Table Plan

(L-R – Nancy Neil, BllDavies, Katie Sue Design Co, Craig and Eva Sanders Photography, Ebay, Samuel Decker Photography)

Steal this style by using a fancy font, pretty paper and a reliable printer, or by seeking the help of a specialist stationery. You can find a range of fab stationery creators in The Little White Book.


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