Monochrome Wedding Mood Board

Monochrome Wedding Mood Board

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Be inspired with this beautiful monochrome wedding moodboard, a black and white wedding colour scheme is incredibly elegant and gives a really luxurious vibe.

Wedding moodboard

Monochrome wedding scheme

Credit: Abby Bates Photography via Instagram

Bridesmaids will be breathing a sigh of relief with the idea of black bridesmaids dresses. The universal colour that everyone can wear offers both comfort and glamour.

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Black and White Wedding Cakes

Statement monochrome wedding cakes will really add to the vibe of your monochrome wedding.  Adding a modern twist to a timeless and classic wedding colour scheme.

Monochrome wedding cake

Credit: Cake buds UK via instagram

Black and white wedding cake

Credit: The pretty cake Company via instagram

Perfect Wedding Photography

It goes without saying your photographer is going to play a big role in capturing the vision of your wedding so make sure you can discuss the styling and look in your preparations.

Black and white wedding photography

Credit: Daniel Maldonado Photo via Instagram

Black and white images really do evoke a classic and timeless look.

Black and white photography

Credit: Daniel Maldonado Photo via Instagram

Monochrome Wedding Stationery

Wedding stationery

Elle Bee Design UK on Etsy

Monochrome wedding stationery

Ink and Paper in via instagram

The black Tuxedo is a timeless and elegant look for the Grooms to wear.

Black Tuxedo wedding suit.

Monochrome Wedding Details

Think about the details of your wedding to create a really elegant look, perhaps go easy on the black details but if your looking for a more dramatic vibe adding more depth with the colour black will really make that style.

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Monochrome wedding details

Credit: jj style Co via instagram

Monochrome Wedding Flowers

This classic colour pallete looks amazing in florals credit: freckle flowers via instagram

Monochrome wedding flowers

Credit: Bracken and Twine Flowers via instagram

Monochrome flowers