Mother of the Bride: Do’s and Dont’s

Mother of the Bride: Do’s and Dont’s

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Your daughter is getting married and not only is being MOB a big role, it’s not an easy one either. These 7 Mother of the Bride wedding tips will ensure you play your role and avoid any unwanted wedding day dramas. 

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1. DO – Get rid of your own expectations

At the end of the day, even if you’re paying for a part of the wedding, the bride and groom are in charge. Too much conflicting input can cause stress when they’ll be stressed already!

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2. DO – Help pick the dress

Dress shopping is one of the most exciting times to experience in the run up to a wedding, make it a day not to forget! Your daughter wants you to be so proud and happy so show your approval even if the dress is not what you would choose.

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3. DO – Choose your outfit as soon as possible

This then gives you time to let the groom’s mother know what you have picked to save any embarrassment on the day when you both turn up in the same outfit or colour!

4. DO – Discuss the wedding budget

Talk about what you’re will to pay for and how many guests will be attending in the early stages, so everything is out in the open.

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Mother of the Bride Tips

5. DON’T – Leave it to the day to meet the groom’s family

If the groom’s family live far away you may not know them too well. Make sure you try and build some time into the planning phase to reach out. Getting to know your new family will make for stronger ties going forward.

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6. DON’T – Try and take over

You want to enjoy the day as much as your daughter.  If you’re in too deep with the planning then you’ll be stressed and won’t be able to relax.

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7. DON’T – Think you have to spend a fortune on your outfit

The dress you bought from M & S 10 years ago isn’t going to suffice. However, neither is splurging hundreds of pounds on something you will never wear again. There’s a lot of great high street stuff out there to flatter all figures and won’t make you feel frumpy either.

If your slightly worried about either of the Mums getting slightly carried away. Give them these 7 Mother of the Bride wedding tips for extra guidance.

Mother of the Bride Tips


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