Sunscreen you need this Summer

sun hat
As the summer looks set to continue, I had a good clear out of my sun creams yesterday, gone are the dregs of last years bottles and now replaced with Factor 30 and 50 to keep those harmful rays at bay.  Protecting the children is a daily ritual but the creams we had were just so messy and sticky on their faces, thankfully we now have invisible mist which should be easier to apply.
It got me thinking about my own face protection and I had sort of turned a blind eye, as my own makeup contains SPF – I am not a sun worshipper any more and prefer the cool shade wherever possible. If like me you thought your foundation or tinted moisturiser was enough then think again.  According to professional makeup artist  Anna Mason of Cordelia and Co, particularly for the face SPF 20 should be what you are aiming for.

Most foundations don’t go above 15 and ideally you want 20plus!  Also heavy oily foundations aren’t great in this weather, so maybe a bb cream with SPF or a primer with SPF might be preferable…
What extra help can we be giving our faces to protect from the suns harmful rays, Anna tells us about three products she is recommending right now.  “So I’d always be looking at ones with skin care properties included.  Always go for high SPF as the sun isn’t just dangerous but ultimately ages the skin significantly.  Be particularly careful with the face, neck and decollate as these parts burn easily and show the most damage.  Remember the use sun protection on your hair and scalp, ideally wear a hat”.
Bridal makeup

Favorites at the minute are

Roc Soleil Protexion SPF 30
roc soleil protexion
Garnier Ambre Solaire ultra hydrating SPF 30 or higher
ambre solaire
Vichy Capital Soleil
My personal favourite but also the most expensive! Vichy Capital Soleil … Is so moisturising but doesn’t clog pores and allows skin to breath, so no horrible prickly heat!
We found it available here priced at £16.50
If you do nothing else today go and check the SPF in your makeup, stay safe in the sun.
Enjoy x


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