10 Fab Hen Party Games ideas you will love

Hen Party Badges

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Planning the entertainment for the hen party then you must check out these hen party games ideas. 10 simple games that you can easily DIY for a budget hen party, which will keep everyone happy.

Hen Party Printable Activity Packs

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Hen Party Activity Packs On Etsy

These fabulous pre made packs are a stylish and easy way to get the hen party activities organised.

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Hen Party Activity Packs

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Hen Party Printables

This is always a winner when trying to find something that suits different age groups and relatives. From the hen party games ideas listed, don’t feel that you have to do them all. The hen party could be tied in with a crafty activity and perhaps an afternoon tea.

Hen party games

1.) Mr and Mrs Quiz

Put together a list of questions about the happy couple; where was their first date? What is her favourite song? What was his favourite subject at school? Ask the groom first, then ask the bride on her hen night and see if they are a true match!

Check out this: How well do you know the Bride Printable from Black Bow Studio

How well do you know the Bride printables

2.) Say Yes to the Toilet Paper Dress!

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The objective of this game is style to most fabulous wedding dress using only toilet paper! Split yourselves into teams, with one team mate acting as the model, with the bride deciding who has made the best dress.

3.) Bridal Bingo

A classic game that doesn’t need instruction. Use words that are personalised to the bride and her hens!

4.) Pass the Parcel

The party classic with a grown up twist. Hide cheeky gifts in the layers of wrapping paper.

5.) Guess The Hen

Each hen writes down a hilarious or embarrassing memory and puts it in a bowl. The bride will then take out each memory, read it aloud and try and guess who it belongs to!

6.) In The Bag!

Write down a list of all the things you would find in your handbag (lipstick, purse, keys) and include some random items too (cinema tickets, food). Call out an item from the list, and see which hen is the fastest to find that item in their bag!

7. ) Dress Up The Bride

Before you head out for the hen night, mooch around the local charity shop for some hilarious clothes and surprise the bride by dressing her up in an embarrassing outfit! I recall a hen-night that featured a curly pink wig and pink moon boots.

8.) How Old Were They?

Ask the bride and groom for old pictures, including cute toddler pictures, embarrassing school photos and those pictures that shouldn’t have made it back from their holiday and ask each of the hens to guess how old the couple were in each picture.

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9.) Treasure Hunt

This is a great game if you are spending a weekend away in a hotel or staying home. Hide printed rings around the hotel or the house in as many hiding places as you can. Then, let the hens loose to find as many rings as they can!

10.) Banned Words

Choose a certain amount of words and BAN everyone from saying it for a certain amount of time! Those who say one of the words have to do a forfeit. Example words include wedding, honeymoon, the groom’s name.

Floral Hen Party Printables

Hen Party Printables are definitely the way to go when organising your hen party activities. Being able to edit the text and designs gives you flexibility to tailor the games to your audience.

These pretty floral hen party printables are just the ticket for a stylish hen do.

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Hen party printables

Hen party games ideas

Find brilliant DIY craft projects here to try these would be great for a crafty DIY hen party.  In particular we love the DIY Wedding hangers, a simple no fuss craft for all abilities as well as the DIY crafty hen party badges.

Hen Party Printables

Hen Party Printables