The Best Children’s Wedding Activities

The Best Children’s Wedding Activities

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Happy kids means happy parents so having great children’s wedding activities on hand is going to make your wedding run a whole lot smoother. So what can you do to keep children entertained throughout the day?

Here are our favourite Children’s Wedding Activity Packs for children.

Children’s Wedding Activity Kits

I really like the complete kit idea, it’s all done for you so no need to mess around adding your own extra bits. Children love little crafty makes that they can do with minimal mess while in site.

Little hands big ideas1 on Etsy

Children's Wedding activity pack

Wedding Activity Book

The simplicity of this book which could be included with other items to create your own DIY wedding activity kit. This one is from Luck and Luck on Etsy

Wedding Activity Mat

This supersweet placemat has all the children’s wedding activities in one place and is just so pretty. From Blueberry Nell on Etsy

Children's activity mat

If you have kids yourself, then I’m sure they are going to be an important part of your special day, but if you don’t have children, it can be a tricky decision. You don’t want to upset any of your friends by not inviting little ones, and you don’t want them to miss out if they are struggling with childcare. Of course, you might be including little flower girls and page boys in your bridal party and don’t want them to become bored half way through the day.

DIY Childrens Wedding activity pack

If you want to keep your costs down and have a go making your own activity packs, we have this lovely children’s activity printable which you can print out at home.

Children's Wedding printable

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10 Activities for Kids at Weddings

These are really simple ideas that you can do if your on a strict budget.

  1. Wedding Craft Table
  2. Den making area
  3. Colouring table
  4. Scavenger Hunt
  5. Treasure Hunt
  6. I spy games
  7. Cardboard box corner you will be surprised how much fun kids can have with cardboard boxes, this would suit kids of all ages.
  8. Kids photo booth area set up your own photo booth area using dressing up props.
  9. Bubbles
  10. Table top games, football, air hockey etc ask around friends may have these kicking about without the need to hire.

Consider the different challenges that different parts of the day will present.

Let’s not lie now; for little ones, the ceremony is going to be a bit long. They don’t really understand what is being said. If you are marrying in a religious venue that is regularly opened to the public, they may already have some activities you can borrow, but if not, set up a quiet corner with colouring or books to keep them occupied. Parents are able to enjoy the ceremony while keeping an eye on their children, feeling assured they won’t wander off out of sight.

Wedding Breakfast
Everyone sits down for this moment and keeping a little bum on a seat while waiting for the courses is a trick in itself. Put together children’s wedding activity packs and have it waiting for them when they reach their table. Include a colouring book, a pack of crayons (I suggest you stay clear of felt-tip pens; the thought of a child running wild with a marker pen at a wedding sends shivers down my spine),  dot-to-dot or word search, and perhaps a reading book appropriate to their age. Of course, you can create your own customised activity book, tailored to your wedding.

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These little packages can easily be wrapped in some ribbon to match your theme or in a cute box. You could also purchase some lovely drawstring bags, personalised to each child and fabulous for them to hold their gifts throughout the day.

During the warmer months, you’ll be making the most of any outdoor space your venue has to offer. Outdoor games are a great way to keep children entertained. Hoola-hoops, bubbles and balls are easy to have about waiting for children to start up a game. Depending on your budget, you could also have lawn games like croquet and bowling to bring all the family together.

A cute trend appearing at weddings is a game of iSpy. Grab some disposable cameras and put together a list of things for kids to find and take a picture of. Ideas include the bride and groom holding hands, someone dancing, decorations. This keeps children occupied and hunting around the venue for the different tasks, and also makes them feel like they have an important mission on hand.
Not all children are comfortable running around and dancing. A corner with some board games is perfect for a quiet moment during the reception.

While deciding on your catering menu, ask what options they have for children for the wedding breakfast, or ask parents what their children prefer to eat and see if the caterers are able to include it in the menu. During the reception, you may be having another food option for your evening guests, so it’s great to include a child-friendly buffet for children to get stuck into when they start to get peckish. You could also have little ones decorate cupcakes and biscuits with tasty sweets.
With a little activity, children can easily be entertained during a long day. But don’t go too out of your way trying to keep the children (and their parents) happy. If these ideas aren’t for you, all you need to do ask the parents to bring their child’s own entertainment with them.
Just remember one thing; it is your decision if you want to invite children to your wedding day.