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Whether your other half has your wedding plans filed and categorised alphabetically, chronologically and by colour and you’ve taken a back seat, or you’re pulling more than your fair share, earn some serious husband points (these do actually exist, we checked) by volunteering to plan and book the honeymoon of your dreams. The world has never been more accessible, and thanks to social media, nothing is unachievable, and ideas run aplenty. Money no object and want sun, sand and … style? Look to the celebrities
Money no object and want sun, sand and … style? Look to the celebrities fave, St. Barts. Perhaps something more serene? The Nordic Fjords are really capturing our imagination at the moment. Want to be close to home, or have children in tow? How about luxury in Scotland’s rugged terrain. Take some clues from our round up of the hottest destinations for 2017 and beyond.
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Ultimate Luxury – St. Barts

A luxury West Indies paradise pleasure with Puerto Rico being the nearest mainland. Bright white sand on fourteen pristine beaches, azure seas and startlingly blue, clear skies – no wonder it’s a favourite among the rich and famous. We love

Rugged Luxury – Newcastleton, Scotland

This beautiful area is nestled in the Scottish Borders and is an absolute haven of tranquillity. It boasts remote farms in rolling hills, beautiful waters and a true feeling of getting-away-from-it-all, without being too remote to access. Around forty minutes away is the world-famous Kielder Observatory; with some of the darkest skies in Europe, ensure you book onto an evening of star gazing for ultra-romance. We love

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So Fresh and So Clean – Nordic Fjords

Crisp, jaw-dropping beauty awaits you in the Norwegian Fjords. Cruise and kayak through alpine lined ice-blue waters, hike and wonder at picturesque timber cabins and old-world architecture, and have a really good chance of seeing the Northern Lights – the ideal time is towards the end of September. The best way to marvel at the beauty of nature in the Fjords is on a cruise. From Oslo-Fjords in the south-east to East-Finnmark near the north-eastern Russian border, there’s certainly plenty of options available. Fill up on hearty stews and indulge in some local night life in cool places like Tromso. Instagram-tastic. Check out

CaveMan (& Wife) – Candlelit Caves in Matera, Italy

Awesomely cool for you, super romantic for her, the Sextantio Grotte Civita suites have been built into Mediterranean hillside caves. Whilst the finer things await, extra care has been taken to ensure the natural architecture and soft lighting compliment the setting. Candlelight, with smooth stone floors, simple furnishings and bedding loomed locally, this is as much an experience as it is a honeymoon. Head to and be prepared to be wowed.

White Sands – Zakynthos. Greece

One of the quieter, and definitely more romantic locations in Greece for your post-wedding-relax. Known for its stunning beaches with crystal clear water, take dive with sea turtles, or enjoy some of the fantastic scubas on offer. Complete with beautiful ports to watch the world go by, the island also features good shopping, excellent Greek restaurants and a sprinkling of pretty decent night life, in case you want to carry on the after party from the Big Day. Perfection this way …

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This article was taken from Kiss The Bride Magazine, Issue 6 “Wander In Love”. Find more wedding inspiration and ideas here.

Editorial – Kim West

Photography – Natalie Pluck Photography