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Congratulations lovelies, whether your just engaged or just getting plans underway you have arrived at just the right place.  Let the excitement begin in this new phase, enjoying a wonderful journey to becoming the new Mrs or Mr in what will be a whole new chapter of your life. To get your wedding planning off to a flying start I have created this fabulous Free wedding planner which you must download. It covers all the important milestones you will need to keep track of during your wedding planning. Having the wedding planner by your side will absolutely guarantee that you stay in control of your plans both financially and emotionally.

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I often think that you can fall into one of two camps planning a wedding, either its super easy and you take everything in your stride or it can be quite difficult and sometimes complicated which can make the process less enjoyable.  Regardless of where you are, maybe somewhere in between even, it is always great to start with a plan and a place you can get great support and advice.  The free wedding planner crafted just for you is the perfect starting point, that will give you a broad template to start planning the day of your dreams.

Lets get started.

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Wedding planner printable

Wedding Planning Problems

In my experience there are three things in particular that generally complicates wedding planning or makes it more stressful and these are in no particular order.

  1. Mixed opinions,
  2. Trying to keep everyone happy
  3. Finances
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Wedding planning tips and tricks

1. Mixed Opinions

There is nothing like a wedding to get everyone talking usually about every finite detail that comes out of wedding HQ. Usually people are well meaning,  they are equally excited at anticipating the big day and often just can’t help wading in with their size 10 boots.  This really becomes an issue when you take others opinions to heart. Lets face it opinions can be hard to ignore when they come from close family or friends and worse if its idle gossip that has found its way back to you.


The only way to stop gossip is not to give anyone any ammunition. That means having a trusted inner circle in the know and have everyone else wait for the reveal on the big day. Alternatively, just take it for well meaning opinions and plough on regardless.  As long as you and your other half are on the same page that is all that matters.

Wedding planning printable

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Wedding planning tips

2. Trying to keep everyone happy

We tend to see problems arise when couples vere away from the traditional wedding setup and this can cause friction among more traditional family members.  The one thing about a wedding is that despite it being your day it is the one day where family feel they have a justifiable vested interest in what happens. If your family is chill with all of your plans then great but for some it can be problematic.

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A little thing called compromise is going to save you so much aggravation and friction.  Everywhere you turn you will read its your day do it your way, which is all well and good. However, digging your heels in over every detail could end of causing you more hassle and stress than you need.

Wedding planning printable

It is your day and you can absolutely have your own day but try to find some middle ground. Honestly when the day comes you won’t give a fig over the small details.   However, on the flip side make sure your not a push over as arrangements can soon snowball out of control. If you think this is likely to happen make sure you play your cards close to your chest and don’t give people an opening to runaway with the ball.

Wedding planning tips

3. Finances

Probably the biggest area of contention is money. Weddings cost a lot of money and costs can quickly escalate, letting this get out of control is not a great way to start married life. Good financial discipline working together is a great foundation

Wedding planner printable

Why you need my Free Wedding Planner

The first thing I love about the wedding planner is that it allows you to create a clear vision for your wedding which will really help you overcome any issues that the typical three problems may throw up. Plans can be derailed easily if there is no clear plan in place to start with.

Secondly, whether your super organised and highly efficient or not the planner allows you to document your wedding hopes and dreams ensuring that you can really enjoy the significance of the day ahead.  The day itself just one day, is over in the blink of an eye so wherever possible I would encourage you to take your time and savour the wedding process.

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Detailed free wedding planner

Thirdly, organising a wedding successfully does involve getting into the details and having a formal plan does force you to do this.  The devil is always in the detail and this is not to be underestimated.

Wedding planner download

What is in the wedding planner PDF

Packed into 18 pages this is by far the best Free wedding planner available to download.

  • Comprehensive wedding checklists
  • 12 month wedding timeline
  • 30 Day wedding countdown

Wedding planning guide

Wedding printable download

Free wedding planning download