Tips & Tricks: Hollywood Lashes with Cordelia & Co.

Tips & Tricks: Hollywood Lashes with Cordelia & Co.

We’re excited to bring to you our second post in our beauty series with Anna from Cordelia & Co. She tells us about her love for lashes, a strange wood glue incident and how she is now fully qualified to help you achieve the ultimate lash look! To keep you looking glam from wedding to honeymoon. We can’t wait to try them out for ourselves!
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I am a big fan of lashes, I really love them! The icing on the cake and final polish to the perfect make up. So I’m delighted to announce that having gone back to the classroom and I am now a fully qualified semi-permanent lash technician. I will be offering this service to all clients and especially my lovely brides-to-be!

This premium service gives the most natural enhanced lashes I ever seen. Taking up to 90 mins to apply, individual lashes are strategically placed on the wearers own lashes. The bond in invisible and they can last up to 3 weeks… Perfect for honeymoon! They can be worn for sports and swimming and best thing, no need for mascara! There are many different lengths, thickness and curves which can be tailored to your requirements.

As well as semi-permanent extensions, a few more options worth mentioning are non permanent lash bulbs and strip lashes. False lashes of all descriptions have grown enormously in popularity in the last 10 years. Yet amazingly when I trained ‘back in the day’, I was told just to keep a few individual lashes in my kit, “just in case the odd over glamorous bride might want a few!”

It’s fair to say that falsies have had a bad rap in the past and to a point there they instil a few negative connotations.

I’m all to often amazed by some of the lashes my models and clients arrive at my studio wearing. I recently worked with lady who confessed that her friend had applied her ‘weekend lashes’ with wood glue! The result being damage to her own lashes and my vision of soft beautiful eye make up looking crude and harsh! (I was more upset than her!)

Any good make up artist will be trained and experienced in lash application. Individual bulb lashes and strip lashes which can readily bought from cosmetic counters and chemists. Feel free to take them to your make up artist for advice and even a tutorial on how to apply them. Remember it is always harder to apply lashes to your own eyes. Probably because you will have one eye open and one shut! … I’m still trying to teach my husband on how to assist me with this procedure!

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 This is a bespoke application of individual semi permanent eyelashes. A full set can take up 1hour 45 mins to apply, last up to 3 months (with maintenance). The result being fuller, longer, lush lashes with no need for mascara!

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