Tips & Tricks with Cordelia & Co: Make Your Make Up Last All Day

Tips & Tricks with Cordelia & Co: Make Your Make Up Last All Day

We’ve teamed up with amazing make up artist Anna from Cordelia & Co to pick up some of her little tips and tricks that can make a whole load of difference to your make up and skincare routine! On today’s agenda we discuss: primer…
Whether its a pro-shoot, the school run or a hard day in the office, the age old question remains …. ‘How do I make my make up last all day?’ To prime or not to prime?!
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I always tell my clients to leave the rich heavy moisturisers for night time to avoid a literal foundation slide!

After cleansing and moisturising with a light ‘non greasy’ formula we move on to the subject of primer. Primer is best described as a ‘polyfiller’ type product, that acts as a barrier between your recently applied moisturiser and your soon to be applied foundation. It can also fill pores and smooth lines. My personal problem with primer is that I myself have combination skin, and if I get a speck of ‘oil banishing’ primer on my dry areas (usually around my nose)…then my make up base cakes!
However I will always wear primer on my eyelids. After cleansing just the eye area with a mild astringent I apply a primer designed for the eye area such as MUAs eye primer. The eyelid is the one peach fuzz free place on the face that will always get oily and priming this area will ensure that your eye shadow colour will stay true and won’t budge or crease!
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To guarantee my mascara won’t run…I use a waterproof formula or at the very least coat my regular mascara lashes in a waterproof brand.

Just remember, it may be long wearing but…please don’t sleep in it…just don’t!

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Whichever foundation I choose to use on my clients, I always set their make up base with a translucent powder. In days gone by, this type of powder had a tendency to make skin look slightly ashen. Today’s formulas are however extremely lightweight and allow the base colour to come through. My secret? Good old Corn Silk Satin Finish translucent powder. It’s the finest powder I’ve come across, it doesn’t cake, and for all you followers of vintage it has the added bonus of smelling like ‘Grandma’s floral scent’!
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Another trick I favour is to apply powder with a small setting brush. This means I can be more detailed and precise with the powder application. Concentrating mainly on the T-Zone, I avoid the outer eye area altogether as any fine lines will be emphasized.
Finally, and this sounds obvious, but when my friend asked me 10 years ago “why does your skin stay looking good?” The answer, whether I’m wearing foundation or none… I try NOT to touch my face! Anything you touch from food to door knobs to puppies will pass on dirt, oil and bacteria, to then be transferred to your skin. Ultimately it will wreck your make up and give you spots.
Eating chocolate however will have no significant bearing on your make up’s longevity …. So chomp away, being careful not to smudge your lippy!!!
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