Tips & Tricks with Cordelia & Co: Not The Natural Look

Tips & Tricks with Cordelia & Co: Not The Natural Look

Another in our beauty series with the lovely Anna from Cordelia & Co. to share her tips & tricks on the topic of those in search of ‘Not The Natural Look.’ Bridal make up is fresh, youthful and dewy and of course ‘natural’? But what if you really love wearing makeup, are known for your makeup and want that makeup to be seen? Occasionally a prospective bride asks me to create a full on glamorous look for wedding day…


Fresh, dewy and flawless! I like to play around with highlighting rather than contouring. Due to the winter’s dark ambient lighting, (which caused a whole set of problems for the make up application) this light also lends to the intensity.
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A non SPF foundation like the Bobbi Brown Stick always works well with a highlighting concealer. For cheeks I usually mix a combination of Benefit Dandelion and Nars Orgasm and sometimes a matte bronzer by Guerlain.


This isn’t about cat flicks or the ‘crease cut’ modern smokey eye…I favour the ‘doe eye’ and heavy Bardot inspired peepers, playing on the round shape and softening the edges, prepped with Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden.
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To get more intensity than a black shadow alone would allow, use Maybelline Eye Studio Liner in black all over the lid and up to the crease. Using a dry buffing technique to give a soft outer edge, and carry three quarters of the way along the lower lash line… This is NOT a natural look! A great product but it drys quickly, so you must work fast! This acts as a great base colour to top up with black eye shadow, Urban Decay in Blackout.

A trick I like to use in my quest for dramatic softness is to blend bronzer around the edges of black smokey eyes, it’s a great tip, try it!

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Groom brows to perfection and coat lashes in Bobbi Brown Long Wear mascara and finally finish with a great set of falsies or even lash extensions!


Colour and gloss, deep and lucious. It’s high maintenance and will need top ups throughout the day, but so worth it!
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