10 wedding planning tips

10 wedding planning tips Reading Time: 3 minutes

There is so much to remember and to do when planning your wedding, so here’s 10 top essential tips courtesy of  Sarah Beth Weddings to help you get started.
1) First things first, get yourself a binder, a wallet or even a pretty box for all things wedding related, you will get a lot of information along the way, from fabric swatches and informational clippings.
2) Try and plan your wedding in plenty of time, this allows you time to save up and also helps minimise your stress levels, giving you plenty of time to arrange things and plenty of time for any DIY projects.
3) You can’t make everyone happy, and trying to accommodate others will make the whole process daunting. This is your day, make it about you!
4) Try and enjoy your day, it goes so fast! So take a moment to step back and survey all your hard work and to take in all the love, joy, bliss and enjoy it!
5) Make the most out of your wedding budget by choosing flowers which are in season, you don’t want to be flying flowers in from sunnier climates.
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6) Picking a wedding photographer is as important as the venue or even your dress. The best way to choose is to meet all the potential photographer as it’s important that you get on. View their full complete albums of one wedding, that way, rather than see the best photos from a number of weddings you can see the finished product, and the photographers ability to ‘tell a story’ with their pictures.
7) If you are planning to throw your bouquet, perhaps getting a smaller simpler version (even a fake one) just for this purpose would be a good idea, then you can get to keep your bouquet and have it pressed or freeze dried.
8) When sending your invites out, it’s a good idea to pre-print RSVP cards, it really encourages guest to reply. That way you don’t have to make endless phone calls asking if they are coming, and no awkward moments.
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9) If you are planning a honeymoon and want to use your new name, remember to apply for a new passport. Pop into your local post office a few months before the wedding. Don’t forget though that your new passport won’t be valid until you are married, so any over sea trips will need to be put on hold.
10) Try to have something planned for the days after the wedding, maybe a meal with close family or a BBQ, weather permitting. It’s easy to feel deflated after the wedding even with a honeymoon to look forward to. It’s nice to carry the celebrations on.
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