11 Unique Bridal Hairstyles and Ideas

11 Unique Bridal Hairstyles and Ideas

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Bridal hairstyles have never been so on trend, gone are the days of unflattering ringlets and meringue like bouffants, instead we’re talking everything from elegantly styled wedding updos, boho braids to styling out your cute pixie crop or Bob. Bridal hair stylists that specialise in bridal hairstyles are seriously talented so make sure you see examples of their work in particular on the bridal hairstyles you like. 

You want to look like yourself on your big day and embrace your natural beauty and personal style. Whatever your preference, we’ve got it covered! 

Before we take a look at the latest bridal hairstyles hitting the aisles this season, keep in mind these useful tips to help you decide on the right style for you.

Wedding hairstyle ideas

Wedding Hair Tips

11 Bridal Hairstyle Tips

1. Find a bridal hairstylist you trust, ask your salon if they offer a bridal service. Recommendations from trusted sources are always great to take on board.

2. The Condition of your hair and colour is part of your preparation, make sure you plan this in with your salon.  With any colour or treatment problems always go back to the salon to have this rectified before spending money elsewhere. Make sure you use a reputable salon for colour treatments.

3. The vibe of the wedding should help narrow down the choice of bridal hairstyles to be considering. A formal elegant setting think classic wedding updo. However, Kate Middleton chose to wear her hair down, the setting couldn’t be more formal! Tousled waves or a messy bun gives a more laid back vibe.

4. Consider bridal hairstyles to show off the style of the dress, backless has been a big trend for sometime. An updo would really show off the back detail.  Boho style dresses really look cool with braids and plaits either up or down.

5. Minimalist brides going for a very understated beauty, think Meghan Markle with that incredible tiara and simple veil. The wedding updo Meghan opted for was quite soft with loose tendrils around the face and not at all severe.

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6. Accessorise with flowers, discuss with your florist blooms that will last. Flowers can be worn in most bridal hair and often silk flowers can be used equally as well.

7. Consider how your hair will last for the duration of the wedding or if you plan to change it at some point.  Any wedding  updo is usually lacquered to death so taking it out for the evening reception may mean more work than expected.

8. Plan all your bridal hair ideas using Pinterest

9. Growing your hair long for your wedding day is one thing many brides will do. Depending on how much growth you need to achieve you may need to consider extensions to get the desired look for your wedding day.

10. Many brides naturally like to keep their hair short but often the pressure to grow it out to create that typical bridal look becomes too much. Stay true to yourself, your partner wants to see you on the day not a version of you. Accessories can be a godsend so don’t be afraid to experiment.

11. Book bridal hair trials in upto 3 months before the wedding, your hairstylist will be able to create alternate looks so you can compare and decide. Take accessories with you so you can get an idea of the finished look.

Wedding hairstyles

11 Bridal Hairstyle Ideas

Bridal Hairstyles that cover all the different style ideas to suit long hair, medium length and short hair.

1.Flowers in her hair

Whether you want to add an oversized flower crown or a sprinkle of smaller blooms into your bridal hair style, flowers are the ultimate staple in creating a romantic, free-spirit vibe! It also is perfect for your maids and flower girls.

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Suits: All hair types and lengths
Bridal hairstyles
flowers in hair
flowers in hair 2
Photos: Ciara Richardson, Rachael Muller, Treasures & Travels

2 The classic Updo

As bridal hairstyles go, this is the most copied and sought after look for wedding day hair. The classic updo is synonymous with the bridal look and suits most brides and wedding dresses. Consider the style of wedding your having, this kind of wedding hairstyle will suit a more formal setting. Something less structured will suit a more laid back vibe. Discuss this with your wedding hairstylist and start pinning ideas on Pinterest.

Suits: long and mid length hair mostly.

Classic wedding updo

Elena Zerr

Elena Zerr

3 The Braided Updo

The braided updo is so popular and on trend right and a complete twist on the classic wedding updo! So subtle, so romantic and ever so easy to achieve. This look would look gorgeous with a low cut back gown.

Suits: all hair types long, medium and shirt.
emma watson

4 Dishevelled Braids

Taking the concept of the messy bun and applying it to braids creates a boho grunge look that is smoking hot. This is not the sleek look for a formal gathering but would really suit a laidback back wedding. Work this look into your festival wedding or a beach wedding.

Suits: long hair types mostly
Photos: Wedding Chicks, Rachel May Photography, Free People

5 The low pony

Effortless, sleek oh so chic. Look catwalk ready with a simple low pony! The low pony can be worn sleek or messy for slightly more boho bridal look.

Suits long hair.
low pony 1
Photos: Lauren Conrad, Panasonic, Glamour

6 Short bridal hair ideas

Amazing bridal hair isn’t just limited to long tresses, short hair needs some love too! Adding a clip, hair band or even a bow can transform your look and rock your pixie or bob style.  Keep it natural and be you! So many brides grow out their hair to achieve that classic bridal updo only to get it cut straight after the wedding. We say embrace the short wedding hairstyles and accessorise.

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Suits: Short and medium length hair
short h
short har
Photos: Etsy, Ciara RichardsonSwarovski Wedding Inspiration Board

11 Unique Wedding hairstyles

7 Half up Half Down

Get the best of both worlds with these bridal hairstyles. Show off the length of your locks but still get some structure around the face. This look can be accessorised with beautiful flowers, greenery,  wedding hair pins or a traditional bridal hair comb.

Suits: long and medium length hair

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Half up half down Bridal hairstylesVia Fab Mood Image Christine Chia 

8 Messy Bun

A bridal hairstyle reserved more for the evening than the day, but hey it’s your look your day.  Beautiful messy buns are on trend and is a lovely relaxed way to wear your hair. Accessorise this look to make it more special otherwise you risk your office day look creeping into your wedding.

Suits: long and medium length hair

Elena Zerr

9 Natural Waves

Long hair worn loose, either with tousled waves or sleek curls. Accessorise with a beautiful bridal hairvine to stop hair getting unruly in a puff of wind.

Suits: long and medium length hair

Bridal hairstyles

Via Rustic Wedding Chic Image: Cat Dossett

11 Unique Wedding hairstyles

10 Elaborate Updos

Do not try this at home folks, only the trained and skilled dare attempt these bridal hairstyles.  Why not go all out to wow, wear your like a crown and be queen for the day. Accessorise with something equally regal looking.

Suits: All hair types but may need fake pieces for shorter lengths.

Intricate wedding updo

via MOD Weddings Image: Liliya Fadeeva at Websalon Weddings 

11 Plaits and wedding Braids

Classic fishtail plaits and wedding braids have been a strong bridal Hair trend that shows no sign of slowing. Plaits are a great alternative to the wedding updo, Hair is kept checked but can be accessorised with flowers, hair vines or wedding hair pins.

Suits: longer length hair

via Polka Dot bride Image: India Earl photography


Unique bridal hairstyles

11 Unique bridal hairstyles and ideas

Wedding hairstyles