19 Wedding Cake Ideas you will love

Naked wedding cake

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So many cakes, but which is the one for your Wedding?
When it comes to choosing the cake for you, it can be difficult to know exactly what you want, there are just so many wedding cake ideas.  I mean, literally anything is possible in the cake world.  For those looking for something different don’t hold back on the wedding cake flavours. Chocolate and Vanilla sponges are safe options but we love salted caramel flavours, black cherry and almond, white chocolate. Can’t decide, not a problem – have a tier for each of your different wedding cake flavours.

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Wedding Cake Traditions

The wedding cake was once seen as a symbol of fertility and good fortune but now it is more of a centrepiece.

  1. Don’t forget to keep with tradition and have a fruit cake that you can keep for your first born christening.
  2. Cutting of the cake symbolises the first joint task as man and wife.
  3. Typically a wedding cake comprised of three tiers, one for the reception, one for guests and one for the first year of marriage.
  4. An even number of wedding cake tiers is considered bad luck, even numbers can be divided: meaning your union could be split. An odd number is seen as a stronger unity, unable to be divided.

Whether it is a traditional wedding cake or weird and wonderful, we’ve got the best wedding cake ideas right here. Here are our top picks:

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Wedding cake ideas

The Naked Cake

The naked cake is a sponge cake that is not iced, often with fruit spilling over the edges. This is actually a tricky cake to get right commercially, all the elements are working against you to dry out that cake you could risk serving up a cake that has dried out while it has been on display for your wedding.  This kind of cake suits a rustic themed wedding for more ideas click here

Naked wedding cake

Semi naked wedding cake

The Traditional Wedding Cake

When I think of traditional wedding cakes, images of classic white icing, minimal fuss,  perhaps a fruit cake or a classic Victoria sponge cake pop into my head.

Images: Zoe Clark Cakes

Traditional 5 tier white wedding cake.

Traditional White wedding cake

Traditional wedding cake

The Unconventional Wedding Cake

A themed wedding cake is a great way to add a twist to even the most formal and elegant setting. Treating your guests to the unexpected is often all it needs, rather than going all out on a themed wedding. The unconventional wedding cake is often a reflection of the couples personal tastes and preferences. We just fell in love with these creative beauties from Debbie Gillespie cake design

The Harry Potter Wedding Cake

Harry Potter wedding cakes

Board game wedding cake

Doctor Who Wedding Cake

Dr Who wedding cake

Doctor Who Wedding cake

Disney Themed Wedding Cakes

Disney Themed Wedding Cake

A very popular unconventional wedding theme is Alice in Wonderland.   There are endless well known quotes, phrases and characters to draw inspiration from in this much loved story. These are our favourite Alice in Wonderland wedding cakes.

Alice in wonderland wedding cake


The Non-Cake Cake

Creative couples are kicking back against the traditional wedding cake and coming up with their own unique wedding cake ideas. Donut Stacks, Cupcake Towers, Cheese Cakes, Brownie Stacks and even Rice Krispie cakes.

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Oreo wedding cake

Image: Cariad Photography

Pavlova wedding cake


Brownie Wedding cake


Donut wedding cake

Wedding Cake Trends

Having seen so many incredible creations you can gather that your cake maker is much more than a baker. Many cake makers are incredibly talented artists and this next batch of cakes really are a work of art.


Wedding cake art

Artistic wedding cake


Wedding cake art

Instagram Torkik Anushka @tortikannuchka


Traditional wedding cakes

White wedding cakes

Non wedding cake ideas

On trend wedding cakes