What is a Humanist Wedding?

What is a Humanist Wedding?

Thinking of having a Humanist wedding or have heard the term and have no idea what it means? Humanist ceremonies are increasing in popularity each year, for couples who have no religious beliefs but still want to enter a committed marital relationship. We spoke to Karen King from King’s Celebrant Services for more information about what a Humanist Ceremony involves and a little bit more about her fabulous job. 
A Humanist Ceremony is different as it is very personal, I do not work from scripts and there is no set format as each person is unique and as such, each ceremony should also be carefully crafted to show their personalities and be a true reflection of their feelings for each other. A Humanist Celebrant is a lady or gentleman who writes and conducts non-religious ceremonies for all significant life events from a Humanist perspective.

The focus of our wedding ceremonies is love, relationships, family, support and community as we feel these are the important things that bring and keep people together.

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I think Humanist Ceremonies are becoming more popular as people want something different, a ceremony unique to them and in which someone has really taken the time to get to know them and find out about them as a couple.  People with strong religious beliefs have always had the option of church weddings but for more and more people these days religion is not an important part of their life but the promises they want to make to each other are important and a Humanist Ceremony is the perfect way of showing this.
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Humanist Ceremonies in England do not currently have the same legal status as they do in Scotland but this may change in the future. As long as the legalities are sorted out in a registry office for a very nominal fee, this then frees you up to hold your Humanist Wedding ceremony anywhere you choose. It also gives you many more options than using a registrar, as you then have the option of holding the wedding at a venue without a licence or even outside.
I have conducted weddings at some spectacular wedding venues in North Yorkshire, both inside and out. Ceremonies can be as traditional or as flamboyant as you wish or anywhere in between. I often include symbolic gestures such as hand-fasting, ring-warming and broom jumping if couples wish to add a bit of fun or have a more unusual aspect to their big day.
As well as this I have conducted weddings at the end of piers, in Abbeys, camping villages, in a couple’s kitchen or garden, a working barn and I am currently working on a beach wedding.  I am also secretly hoping that a couple will on day maybe ask me to conduct a ceremony in a hot air balloon or whist abseiling off the transporter.
Asking me which is my favourite ceremony would be like asking a mother to chose their favourite child, as each ceremony is unique and beautiful in its own way.  I do have a soft spot for outdoor ceremonies though and am just so pleased to play such a big part in one of the biggest days in people’s lives, to make it extra special and memorable for all of the right reasons.
If Humanist Ceremonies are for you then you can contact King’s Celebrant Services here: kingscelebrantservices@ntlworld.com
Or visit: www.kingscelebrantservices.com/welcome
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