Will you …

Will you …

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Well its nearly upon us… ‘Valentines day’!! The week in which everything literally turns red with hearts and flowers right before our very eyes!  So, I might not be the best person to be writing this post right now, as my husband departs on a stag weekend starting on Friday! and as he waves us goodbye I will be fending 2 little ones off, from their sleepover in my bed…erm very romantic I know!
There are many hints and suggestions that this could be a very fine time for a proposal and I have  to say at KTB HQ we have shed some emotional tears at the romantic gestures that our menfolk organise, in order to get that proposal just right!!    Today I  have decided to give you a little recap over some of the fabulous stories we have received and maybe, just maybe, someone will find a bit of inspiration and come up with something memorable and gorgeous just for you!!
Enjoy!! and if he or she does pop the question please let us know, we have a huge box of hankies all ready!
Jessica Heppell & Lee Hall – 14th Feb 2013
‘We got engaged on Valentine’s day this year! It was a total surprise as every time I’d dropped hints he’d told me we wouldn’t be getting engaged for a few years. I did think it strange that he said he wanted to dress her as he doesn’t normally, but this is how I found her on the morning before he asked me to marry him!’
And you told us on facebook…
Kim Ryan

I was taken away for a surprise Valentine’s Weekend where one of the present’s my husband had bought me was a photobook of all our holidays together and at the end of the book it said “I love you more today than I did yesterday but not as much as tomorrow..” at this point I was tearing up and spoiling it as I had to turn the book over where on the back page it said “will you marry me?” and he was hiding the ring underneath the book!!! I’m very lucky to have a very romantic and thoughtful husband.

Lou Shutt

We went for a walk at one of our favourite places …he saw a penny on the floor and told me to pick it up for luck, I had to close my eyes and make a wish, when I opened them he was down on one knee with the ring.

Paula Berriman

A couples photoshoot had been arranged by him because I always said we didn’t have any nice pictures of us both. I had my hair and makeup done as part of the package and then we headed out with the photographer to Newcastle and then jesmond dene woods for some shots. Whilst I was being photographed he sneaked up behind me and proposed on top of a waterfall and the photographer (Karen McGowran) caught it all on camera. It was her first ever proposal. My best friend was also there hiding with some flowers for me. Karen got some beautiful pictures x

Leanne Hodgson

My man came in to the coffee shop where I work on Christmas Eve, along with my mam, nana, daughter, sister and niece and a couple of his friends and their kids thrown in, he got each one of them to hold up an A4 piece of card with “Marry me” spelt out, surprisingly with two 5 year olds in there it was in the correct order!

We would love  to hear your engagement stories big and small, they are all precious memories and very special to us.  Email: sarah@kissthebride.biz we will do our best to feature these in our magazine and as always our favourite stories are sponsored with a little prize.

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