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15 Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

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Couples are becoming incredibly creative when it comes to their wedding cake. But what if your not that fussed on cake, what else can you do instead. The good thing is that there are many alternative wedding cake ideas you can consider.  We have listed our favourites…

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Non Cake Wedding Cakes

Technically these are a known as a wedding centrepiece and replaces the need for a traditional wedding cake.

  1. A Donut Wedding Cake
  2. An Oreo Cookie wedding Cake
  3. A chocolate Brownie Wedding Cake
  4. A Pavlova Wedding cake
  5. A rice Krispie Wedding Centrepiece
  6. Pancake Stacks
  7. Profiterole Tower
  8. Croquembouche
  9. Macaron Wedding Centrepiece
  10. Pork Pie Wedding Centrepiece
  11. Cheese
  12. Cheesecake Wedding cake
  13. Pizza Wedding Cake
  14. Waffle Wedding Cake
  15. Fruit Pie Wedding Centrepiece

The benefits of an Alternative Wedding cake

  • The biggest advantage of going with an alternative wedding cake is cost. Wedding cakes can be expensive and the fancier they get the higher the price. It may not surprise you to know that some wedding cakes can go for 4 figures and upwards. However, the great thing about many of these ideas is that you can do them yourself for a reasonable price.
  • There is always way too much cake with a traditional 3 and 4 tier wedding cake you could end up taking it home and then what…
  • The wedding cake is all about that impact for your guests and nothing will get their attention more than an Alternative wedding cake something really unexpected.

The Donut Wedding Cake stack

This is a beautiful Donut wedding cake stack from So Lafly via Instagram with a single tier cake. The colour palette is really pretty playing down the rich golden colour of the donuts.

Oreo Stack

Credit: Sonaa Events via Instagram

The styling of this awesome Oreo wedding cake looks fab.

Chocolate Brownie Wedding Stack

This is the perfect DIY wedding cake option.  Brownies can be made in advance and stored ready to assemble on the day. This is a brilliant budget wedding cake idea that is also a real head turner.  If your not a fan of brownies you can turn most tray bake style treats into a showstopping wedding cake centrepiece.

For those not into the whole DIY finding a really great baker that can deliver a professional set up is a must and we just love this one from the Bayside Baker

Credit: Bayside Baker via Instagram

Pavlova Wedding Cake

My favourite dessert turned into a 7 tier Pavlova wedding cake. What a stunning creation from Prickly Pear Catering

Image: Spring Box Photography

Rice Krispie Wedding Cake

Credit: Cheers Babe Photo

Pancake Stack Wedding Cake

Pancakes don’t have to come round once a year, this family favourite is a fun alternative wedding cake idea.

Credit: Tastebuds Catering Inc via Instagram

Image: Laura Ford Photos


A traditional French dessert which makes a fabulous alternative wedding cake.

Credit: zvet morozova

Macaron Wedding Stack

Credit: Cake Boutique Corfu

Cheesecake Wedding Cake

Caroweiss Photography

Cake: gramsedinburgh

Savoury Wedding cake ideas

If sweet really is not your thing there are a host of savoury wedding centrepiece ideas you can serve up instead of a wedding cake.

Image: Tentation Fromage via Instagram

Credit: Wellington Farm shop via Instagram

Pork Pie Wedding Stack

West Country Cheese Specialising in Pork pie and cheese wedding stacks these are amazing examples of a savoury wedding cake.


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