Chalkboard Tutorial

chalkboard DIY Reading Time: 2 minutes

We are loving a bit of DIY right now and it seems you are too, with so many couples enjoying the lovely workshops we ran at Stokesley Town Hall last month.

It was full of creative and inspiring suppliers who were all very friendly and there was a constant stream of brides (and some grooms too) ready to get crafty at the workshops – in fact, I am not sure there was a time that the craft table was ever empty!   – Katy at The Brides Table

Today we are showcasing a little tutorial for our chalkboard workshop we are running this Sunday and guess what its super easy!!
chalkboard sign
Step 1.
Take your blank chalkboard and if it hasn’t been used before lightly dust the surface with chalk and wipe clean.  if you try writing on a new chalkboard it will burn the surface.
Step 2.
Print out your quote or saying on plain white paper.
chalkboard DIY
Step 3:
With your piece of chalk, coat the reverse of the paper covering only the words.  Turn the sheet over and position on your chalkboard.  Take your pencil and colour in the writing pressing firmly but not hard.  Remove the sheet and hey presto! will find a light outline on the board.  TOP TIP:  Make sure you don’t press on the words while your working, as this may smudge the chalk on the board.
Step 4:
Take your Chalk writer pen and follow the outline of your chalked words, you may have to go over this twice to get good coverage.  TOP TIP:  Check your Pen Nib size will suit your font, as you can see below mine is quite thick so close up its noticeable but standing back it looks fine.
Chalkboard sign

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