Do I need a bra? With Bex Brides

Do I need a bra? With Bex Brides Reading Time: 3 minutes

It can be a common misconception that brides to be do not need to wear a bra when it comes to their big day, Bex from Bex Brides tells us why this isn’t true.
As a specialized bridal seamstress I get to alter tens of bridal gowns every year, so when you add all those brides to my bespoke clients and all the brides who buy vintage and preloved gowns from me, I get to see a lot of ladies in their underwear! Many ask the question “what kind of bra can I wear with this?” a lot assume that they do not need to wear a bra with a bridal gown, because it has boning in it.
It will make for a much more comfortable wedding day if your body is shaped by shape wear and a correctly fitting good quality bra. Even if the gown has a built in separate corset, this is usually when the gown is zip or button back and the internal corset it to take the strain rather than the external fastenings.

If I had a £1 for every lady I have met who was wearing the wrong size bra!

I always recommend that my brides visit a bra specialist and get correctly measured. I find many come back from their next fitting and say I was right and that they have never felt so good in a bra. If you wear the correct bra, or basque then that garment supports you and the gown can be laced, buttoned or zipped to fit your already perfectly positioned bust, rather than having to be so tight that you risk fainting during the speeches!
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With the popularity of illusion bodice gowns ( lace top over sweetheart bodice) and low or sheer lace backs, many brides assume a bra is out of the question, however there are many excellent bras out there, such as Wonderbra strapless, that has a wide support under it and a low cut back strap. If the gown has straps and a low back you can buy a multiway or a strap extender to lower the straps at the back and criss cross them round your midriff. You can also get a huge choice of bridal stick on bras, some with just cups and some with straps that come around the side of your rib cage for extra support on larger cup sizes.
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  • Once the boobies are sorted you need to choose the correct knickers, if choosing control type pants, remember they will need poppers as once you are fastened into your gown you will be unable to pull them down, and you may need to visit the little girl’s room…
  • For brides concerned about their tummy I often suggest a basque with suspenders or a lightly boned suspenders belt which gives that extra feeling of being held in, without removing the ability to visit the toilet!
  • You also need to wear the correct underskirt, hoop, petticoat if the dress requires it.
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