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Today, we are talking about finding the dress of your dreams and how shopping for your wedding dress is slightly different from browsing the high street for a Friday night frock.  Many of you may not realise that the size of your wedding gown is highly unlikely to match your actual dress size, so if you’ve slaved to get into that pair of size 10 jeans, don’t panic if the dress of your dreams fits like a second skin and is actually a 12, 14 or even a 16!
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What the hell does a dress sizes mean these days anyway, never before has fashion incorporated so many different fabrics a pair of jeans isn’t just that anymore; with everything from leggings to jeggings we can pretty much squeeze our shapes into an array of sizes and this causes a bigger problem – denial!!  Oh yes, girls! Unfortunately for many of us, these forgiving fabrics have actually got us convinced we are a smaller size, than we really are – ouch!!
In my opinion regardless of size many of us fall into two camps either you are happy the way you are, confident know your shape and carry this off or body issues may be a bone of contention, that ripple through making the thought of dress shopping a bit of a nightmare.
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Finding the dress is a different experience for everyone, whether you plan on making this the traditional big deal or happy to rock that ebay bargain, its part of your unique journey.  For those of you planning on the traditional route it’s worth noting a few things before you get started.  Many bridal shops are boutiques, fairly small intimate spaces dedicated to a select stock, which unlike larger high street stores are not likely to have every design in every size for you to try on.  If you have something specific in mind, its probably wise to do some homework first and scope out the shops that are likely to be able to accommodate you the most.  However, this is a piece of advice and not meant’ to deter you walking into your lovely local bridal boutique.  Keeping an open mind and trying on many styles will help you determine what suits your shape the most, making it so much easier ‘finding the one’.
It’s always worth contacting the shop ahead to check if appointments are required, also ask about what footwear and underwear they would advise you bring to your appointment too.  There is no point rocking up ill prepared and you may want to ask about the selection of gowns they have in your size to give you an idea what choices you will have to actually try on.  Finally, one issue that can understandably terrify some Brides to be is a lack of privacy!  Changing facilities do vary from shop to shop, so if this could cause an issue for you just ask on the phone what to expect. Thankfully, most reputable boutiques operate personal one to one appointments making sure that you are the only bride in the room.
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Happy Dress hunting!
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