Holly & Willow

Holly & Willow

Morning all!  Something totally un-wedding related today but I couldn’t resist, its great to work with the businesses represented in the magazine and Debbie Stogden came up trumps with the double challenge of my two girls.  I knew from the off Willow would be hard to capture on camera as she just won’t have her picture taken, Holly on the other hand loves the camera!
Holly & Willow
October on the beach!! and a little bit of distraction…
Willow or Willow pants she is affectionately called by big sis!
Holly Aged 5 soon to be a fly in her Christmas Play!
Let me in…
Holly & WillowWas it something I said???
This is one of my favourite images, in years to come this will remind me of the drama Willow puts on, which has Kevin and I in stitches; literally hunching  her shoulders, head down and marching off.  Its the little memories that are so precious but fade over time and today this was the money shot for me, captured perfectly by Debbie.
We are currently featuring the Wedding of Faye and Lee that took place at Judges Hotel in May in this issue of the magazine and Debbie has a fab portfolio of work to view.


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