I had this perfect dream, Barcelona – Kate Fearnley Bridal

I had this perfect dream, Barcelona – Kate Fearnley Bridal Reading Time: 5 minutes

Morning all!!  I recently attended the Ripon Cathedral wedding fair hosted by The Wedding Affair and met some pretty damned amazing creative people and it’s prompted me to get my ass into gear and tell you about the very lovely and super talented fashion designer Kate Fearnley and her latest bridal collection; inspired by a photographic journey to Barcelona with friend, mentor and all round fab guy that is Keith Moss. Did I mention he is an epic photographer too… If you are wondering about the amazing looks the girls sported then that’s thanks to the lovely Anna ‘Cordelia’ Mason – MUA.  Hopefully we will get Anna to tell us about her work on this shoot very soon.
The images supplied are from photographer ‘Grzegorz Sikorski and Sarah Brabbin that were mentored by Keith in Barcelona to produce a beautiful collection of images.  Read on for the full interview with Kate Fearnley.
kate Fearnley
Kate Fearnley
Kate Fearnley
Kate Fearnley

Can you tell us about your new collection and are they all bespoke?

All the wedding and bridesmaid dresses are made to order, which means that each customer gets to choose their fabric, colour and has an input in the final design.

Did you design the collection with Barcelona in mind?

Yes, I did think about the backdrop of Barcelona while designing the new pieces for the shoot.  There is so much amazing architecture and culture so I tried to work around that so that the dresses would be complemented by this.

Did the shoot really bring the collection to life for you?

It is always satisfying to see the models bring the garments to life but even more so in such a beautiful place.  The two models were very theatrical which mean’t the pictures came to life.

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Had you been to Barcelona before what did you think of the city?

I have been to Barcelona quite a few times with work and for holidays.  It is one of my favourite Cities because of the culture, Architecture, Weather and also it’s so close to the beach!

Did you have a favourite location?

I enjoyed all of the locations we went to as I think they suited each dress.  The beautiful brick wall streets and tunnels worked so well to portray the drama of the dresses as did the graffiti which is everywhere in Barcelona.

Do you have a favourite design at the moment?

My favourite dress from the shoot was the gold and ivory brocade evening dress.  It suited the shoot and the location and it was the crowd stopper!  I liked it because it is different although still a classic shape.  I feel the traditional wedding dress has started to finally move on and colour and texture is now coming through as a trend.

Tell us about the bridesmaids are you sticking with pastels?  We love the floral fabrics you’re using…

The pastel colour palette is so pleasing to the eye and suits the vintage trend so it will be sticking around in the collection for some time.  I have introduced laces and floral prints this season and have some really lovely 3D flower chiffons which I plan to launch this year which I am excited to work with.

Do you think Bridal fashion is changing?

I think there are no rules for weddings which is a refreshing thing to see.  Everything about weddings seems to be so much more relaxed than it used to be which includes the style of the wedding dresses.  Colour is starting to come through as a trend this season.

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Do you see Brides moving away from the more structured traditional wedding dresses?

We have seen a trend in the fitted and fishtail look but it has moved on from the traditional bustier look that dominated for so long.  The Vintage/Boho trend in recent seasons has started to dominate a huge amount of weddings and the dress choice is influenced to fit in with this kind of look.  We make a lot of 1950’s style dresses and have seen a rise in less structured 1930’s style dresses for next years weddings.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I have always been influenced by the 1940’s and 50’s for the shapes.  I also love working with texture, colour and fabrics which seem to be my USP.

We are seeing a lot of sleeves right now is this going to be around for a while do you think?

We have been adding sleeves to wedding and bridesmaid dresses for some time now as a lot of women hate to show their arms.  It just gives the Bride that extra comfort on her wedding day if she (amongst most women) doesn’t want to worry about wobbly arms in the photographs!  The beauty of what we do is that we can add these little extras into their design when we sit down with the customer to discuss what they are looking for.
Kate Fearnley
Kate Fearnley
I had this perfect dream
Un sueno me envolvio
This dream was me and you
Tal vez esta aqui
I want all the world to see
Un instinto me guiaba
A miracle sensation
My guide and inspiration
Now my dream is slowly coming true
The wind is a gentle breeze
EI me hablo de ti
The bells are ringing out
EI canto vuela
They’re calling us together
Guiding us forever
Wish my dream would never go away
It was the first time that we met
How can I forget
The moment that you stepped into the room
You took my breath away
Barcelona – Freddie Mercury
Kate Fearnley
Keith Moss Photography
Anna Cordelia Mason – MUA
Grzegorz Sikorski
Sarah Brabbin