#MakeItMonday – Dreamcatcher

#MakeItMonday – Dreamcatcher

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A dreamcatcher is a must have for a bohemian or festival wedding. It’s perfect as décor for a venue, as part of a centrepiece displaying a table number, or as a craft to do with your bridal party.
You will need … 

  • Sturdy hoop, either an embroidery hoop, metal hoop or a bag handle ring
  • String, twine or yarn
  • Crochet doily or lace circle
  • Material Scraps
  • Ribbon
  • Lace
  • Decorative Items; beads, feathers, charms
  • Thread
  • Glue Gun or strong glue
  • Scissors

Dreamcatcher Equipment
Follow this … 
Using some material scraps, wrap the hoop all the way around. Use your chosen adhesive to keep the material in place. How you wrap the hoop is up to you. You can wrap it tightly or wrap it lightly so you can see the hoop poking through. You can even use yarn or string to create a different look. Make a loop at the top of the dreamcatcher using string or ribbon, tightly knotting it into place and leaving enough room for it to be hung up.
Dreamcatcher wrapping the hoop
There are many ways to create the centre of the dreamcatcher. Today, we will use a crochet doily. Using string, tightly create a sturdy knot at the top of the hoop. Lying the dreamcatcher on a solid surface, place the doily in the centre of the hoop. Thread the string through the top of the doily. Bring the string back to the hoop and wrap it around, keeping the string taught but making sure the doily stays in the centre. Thread the string back into the doily and bring it back to the hoop, wrapping it again. Continue all the way around the hoop, keeping the string tight. There will be some slight stretching to the doily. When you have returned to the top of the dreamcatcher, tightly knot the string. Add a little glue to make it extra secure.
If you struggle to find a doily or wish to have a more delicate look to the dreamcatcher, try cutting out a circle of lace, using the hoop as a size template. Follow the same method as the doily centre, using the different patterns in the lace to thread through.
Dreamcatcher tie on a crochet doily
If you are a keen crafter, try creating your own web. From the tight knot at the top of the hoop, tightly weave the string around the hoop, leaving plenty of space between and keeping it taught. When you return back to the top, continue around by going through the spaces created. Continue around until you reach the centre. Finish off by weaving the centre loops together or threading on a bead or two.
Dreamcatcher Web example
Now you can be creative and decorate the dreamcatcher however you wish. Tie on strips of ribbon, lace and material scraps. Use thread to tie a tight knot around the stem of a feather to tie it onto the dreamcatcher. Plait together different strings and twine and thread on beads. You could even add on old jewellery or charms as a unique way to show off memories.
Dreamcatcher decorative ribbons and material

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