#MakeItMonday – Envelope Liner

#MakeItMonday – Envelope Liner Reading Time: 2 minutes

Stationary is the first hint we give our guests about our wedding. This project by The Budget Savvy Bride adds that extra touch of glamour from the moment an invitation has been opened. It’s so easy, we couldn’t resist having a go ourselves.
You will need …

  • Envelope
  • Printed Paper
  • Card Stock
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

1. EL Equipment Borde
Follow this …
On a solid surface, lightly trace around the envelope onto the card stock, making sure you include the flap of the envelope. Neatly cut around the card to create the template.
FotorCreateEnvelope Lining Collage 1
Measure 2 cm from the bottom of the template and 0.5 cm from both parallel sides. Cut out all three lines and you will find the template can neatly sit inside the envelope.
Envelope Liner Collage 2
On the back of your chosen printed paper, lightly trace the template and neatly cut out the liner. If there is a certain pattern on the paper that you want to be the focus point of the liner, hold the paper up towards a light source and find the desired spot, using blu-tack to hold the template in place.
Envelope Liner Collage 3
Slip the printed liner into the envelope and find the centre point. With the liner in it’s spot inside the envelope, fold over the flap to create a crease in the liner. Glue the folded area to the flap. The square of the liner will sit safely inside the envelope.
Envelope Liner Collage 4
And there you have a very jazzed up envelope, perfect to add a special touch to your save the dates and invitations.
12. Liner End Border
Enjoy x
The Budget Savvy Bride

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