Mood Board: By The Seaside

Mood Board: By The Seaside Reading Time: < 1 minute

Let’s have one last hurrah for a British summer at the seaside – without getting sand everywhere.
Remember the days you searched the beach for pretty shells and shiny stones to create mini-masterpieces while your mouth was covered in ice cream? Those memories are today’s Mood Board inspiration, with plenty of fun, bright colours, and not forgetting a stick of rock.
ByTheSeasideCollage1 ByTheSeasideCollage2 ByTheSeasideCollage3
Credits – EtsyPhotography 34Amelia’s ChocolateAndrew J R Squires PhotographyThe Photography GardenMia HooperStow and TelluDeer Pearl Flowers Style Me PrettyMichael CraneChiron3636 – Three PhotographersEtsyRefinery 29

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