#MakeItMonday – Hessian Jars

Decorated Hessian Jars Reading Time: 2 minutes

Hessian is a great material to use when styling a rustic wedding, and these hessian jars are easy and quick to make to add some style to a centrepiece. Use any materials you wish to match your theme.
You will need …

  • Empty glass jars
  • Hessian material
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Lace, ribbon, twine, string
  • Decorative items

Hessian Jar Equipment
Follow this …
Make sure the jar is clean and dry. Measure out the size of hessian you need to fit the around the jar. If it helps, cut out a large section and cut it to the right width.
Hessian Square Cut the Hessian to size of the jar
Run a zig-zagged line of glue down the centre of the jar, attaching the edge of the hessian. Hold it in place for a moment to dry and then wrap the jar and add another line of glue, overlapping the hessian.
Glue the hessian onto the jar Wrap the hessian around the jar and glue
You can now decorate the jar as you wish, using different materials, lace, ribbons and twine and adding decorative items such as buttons and charms to match your theme.
Decorated Hessian Jars

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