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Soft Chunky knit wedding shawls are this seasons winter wedding trend not to be missed. Modern Brides combine style with a practical need to stay warm and still create that fairytale vibe.

Wedding Shrug hotpicks

1. Wedding Cape shawls

The stunning knitted wedding Cape shawl very on trend gives beautiful upper body coverage, created with alpaca wool is on Etsy by RDesignstore

2. White Aplaca beaded wedding sweater

This gorgeous wedding sweater looks so delicate and cosy, all the details really amp up the style stakes. Find this on Etsy at RDesignstore

3 Alpaca wool wedding cardigan

A restyled wardrobe staple into this incredible wedding cardigan from RDesignstore on Etsy

If your in the middle of planning a Winter wedding it may not have crossed your mind yet about how you and your bridal party will stay warm. The wedding dress always has a starring role and to not show it off at every opportunity is always an issue.  At one time the only options were a bolero style jacket over a traditional strapless wedding dress. Thankfully those days are gone and bridal is trending all sorts of accessories to make sure the bride is stylish and comfortable.

4. Beige Winter Wedding Shawls

Incredibly stylish knitted winter wedding shawls. from MODA crochet on Etsy are just the ticket for a winter wedding and perfect for your bridesmaids too.

5. Mohair bridal sweater

Long sleeved bridal sweater created from super soft mohair for warmth. Find this beauty on Etsy at Edelweiss bride

6. Chunky knit wedding shawl

I really love the chunky knit bridal shawl it just works so well over a wedding dress to create that winter bride style.  Find this gorgeous winter wedding shawl on etsy at Mine Style

7. Stylish Bridesmaids wedding shawl

Don’t forget to keep your bridesmaids cosy and warm too. These beautiful bridesmaid coverups from mine style on etsy are just the ticket

8. Bridesmaids plaid blanket wraps

This shouldn’t work but actually looks amazing pastel bridesmaids gowns with a soft check blanket wrap just looks so stylish. Find these on Etsy in various colourways at shopwarmthreads

9. Knitted wedding cape

Wedding capes have been a big bridal trend and now their is an exquisite soft knitted version in silk mohair. Find this item on Etsy at RDesign Store

10. Wedding jumper

This gorgeous oversized wedding jumper just looks perfectly at home with the pretty tulle wedding skirt. A classic look for the winter bride combining style and practicality. Find this wedding jumper on Etsy at RDesign store 

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Top 10 ways to stay warm as a winter bride

  1. 1. Long sleeved wedding dresses are now a big bridal fashion trend.
  2. Go for a heavier weight fabric like mikado or brocade.
  3. Winter brides have a beautiful choice of pairing a wedding skirt with a knitted wedding jumper
  4. Knitted Shawls or Wraps will provide warmth at your winter wedding. These are great for just wearing outside for great photo ops.
  5. The wedding leather jacket is a huge bridal trend. Create a sassy bridal look with a hand painted killer wedding jacket.
  6. Wedding boots are a great way to keep your feet snug, leave those open toe sandals for .
  7. Consider a hot drinks bar at your reception, hot chocolate, latte and cappuccino are brilliant winter warmers to keep guests happy.
  8. Cloaks and capes are not just for medieval princesses. Beautiful accessories for the modern bride create a real twist on the traditional.
  9. Getting the right undergarments will also add an additional layer of warmth to keep winter chills at bay.
  10. Provide blankets for guests to snuggle up in as the evening progresses. This is essential if your wedding is at an outdoor venue.

Soft Grey Wedding shawl

MODA crochet at Etsy

Credit: Mine style on Etsy 

Credit: Cosy Llama on Etsy

Faux Fur Wedding Wrap

Credit: Sissily on Etsy

We are just swooning over this beauty. The colour of this faux fur wrap is just perfect.

How gorgeous do these bridesmaids look in their faux fur wedding wrap, if your warm then your smiling for the camera.


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