What is vintage? With Bexbrides, Part 2

What is vintage? With Bexbrides, Part 2 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Yesterday we spoke to Bex from Bexbrides, Bespoke and Preloved Bridal Studio  as she took us on a journey through the decades about what vintage means to her. Today, in our second instalment of vintage knowledge, Bex fills us in on where to go for inspiration and where she thinks the trend will end up.  
Can I mix vintage pieces from different eras or will it look silly?
You can certainly mix pieces. Historically this was done, often parts of outfits were re-used and recycled. You might need some expert advice to do it correctly though and produce a cohesive look although many mixed and up cycled outfits can look amazing. In fact Kiss the Bride recently featured a gown with Victorian lace added to a gown fifty years younger!
What decade is less popular in your opinion and why do you think this is? 
When it comes to brides snapping up dresses, the 80s has to be the least popular decade as the sleeves and shoulder pads are so indicative of that era.

However, they are missing an absolute treat! I have restyled many 80s gowns as the silk and lace they used was amazing.

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Where can I go for inspiration on vintage styles?
Blogs, books and of course Pinterest and similar. There is a smorgasbord of images out there I could, and do, lose hours building boards on Pinterest. The days of these images being only seen by the visitors to museums is thankfully gone!
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Can you see the trend for vintage fashion diminishing?
No trends within will change, each decade will come to the top and then move on. In 20 years brides will be styling themselves on their 20s and teens and dresses worn now will be retro? Or timeless? Only time and tastes will tell…
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