#MakeItMonday – Glitter Candle Holder

#MakeItMonday – Glitter Candle Holder Reading Time: 2 minutes

Welcome to #MakeItMonday, our new feature where we bring you DIY projects for you to try, whether it’s a tutorial from us at Kiss The Bride or a collection of projects from different blogs from across the internet. 
Today, to go with Mood Board Monday’s Gold theme, we’ve created a tutorial that adds a little sparkle to a table centrepiece with this glitter candle holder.
You will need … 

  • Glass candle holder
  • Mod Podge (strong adhesive)
  • Glue Brush/Sponge
  • Glitter
  • Tray
  • Large paper
  • Candle

1. GCH Equipment
Follow this … 
Make sure the glass candle holder is clean and dry. Create a fold in the centre of the paper and spread out onto the tray. The paper will catch loose glitter and the fold will make it easier to clean up. Thickly paste on the glue onto the holder. Do this in sections for ease. Sprinkle glitter onto the glue, holding the glass candle holder at an angle so loose glitter will fall onto the paper.
GCH Collage 1
Continue around the glass candle holder, thickly pasting on glue and sprinkling on glitter until you have your desired pattern. Leave the glass candle holder to dry overnight.
GCH Collage 2
When it is dry and the glitter feels hard, lightly dab more glue around the holder. You can use this opportunity to fill in any spaces with a little more glitter. Allow the holder to dry for a further few hours.
6. GCH Recover in glue border
7. GCH End Border 8. GCH Candle Light Border
Feel free to create any design you wish. Create patterns around the glass, such as spots or stripes and use different coloured glitter. To create fine lines or geo-metric styles, use tape.
Enjoy x

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