The prettiest peony wedding bouquets

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We are totally smitten with peony wedding bouquets and these beauties we have rounded up are just irresistible.  As most florists will confirm, the peony is probably one of the most sought after wedding flower and shows no sign in waning in popularity, no surprises here. The peony is such a romantic blousy bloom which starts off as a pea size bud but has layers of delicate petals that just keep opening to create a huge flower head.  Not to mention that many varieties are give off a lovely fragrance.

It is worth noting that these beautiful blooms only have a short season in the UK from April to June,  putting them at a premium outside of these months.  It’s not surprising these blooms are requested all year round but always check with your florist first with regards availability.

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Peony wedding bouquets

Coral pink Peony bouquets

Coral pink peony bridal bouquets can be made quite vibrant and zesty or equally toned with more muted colours for a more pastel creation.

Coral peony bridal bouquet

Credit: We are origami photo via Instagram

Pink peony brides bouquet

Ella and Louie

Pink and ivory brides wedding bouquet

Ella and Louie

Peonies look amazing in the brides bouquet, with the range of colours you can create a vibrant zesty look with the coral and deeper pink shades as above.

Brides peony wedding bouquet

Photo Credit: Fig Tree Pictures

Coral pink peony wedding bouquet

Image Credit: Elisabeth Perotin

Pastel coloured wedding bouquet

Jenna McElroy

Image Credit:JaceyKendallphotography via Instagram Bouquet: Brittanysflowerfarm via Instagram

Brides peony bouquet

Pastel Coloured Peony bouquets

Alternatively the soft pastel shades below look incredible teamed with lilac, which gives such a lovely fragrance too. We love how no two wedding peony bouquets look the same, with the flowers either in bud or at various stages of opening they offer a different look as they go.  Sometimes if you blink peonies have opened they are very reactive to direct sunlight.

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These gorgeous blush peony bridal bouquet has just hints of delicate pink. Photography Bob and Dawn Davis via Instagram

Blush pink peony brides bouquet

Pastel Peony Bridal bouquet

Credit: Flowers by eve

Pale pink bridal peony bouquets

Credit: All grand events floral

Brides Peony bouquet

BrklynView Photography

Pale pink peony bridal bouquet

Credit: Emily Steffen

Credit: Crispin Cannon Photography

White Peony Wedding bouquet

This pure White peony bouquet is the ultimate statement in elegance and romance, there is nothing quite as beautiful as a white peony bridal bouquet.

White peony bridal bouquet

Flowers Flowermaiden

White brides peony bouquet

Credit: Floral Art Devon

Plum and lilac peony bouquets

Technically there isn’t really a lilac peony but the deep plum varieties combined with the paler shades give this beautiful purple effect.

Purple peony bouquet

Photo credit: Danish Island Weddings

Deep pink peony wedding bouquet

Deep Red Peony

The gorgeous jewel Red colours against the greenery is simply stunning.

Flowers: Flower Lane Design

Photographer: Megan Beddes Photography

Red Peony Wedding Bouquet

Image: Jessica Tremp

Beautiful Peony Bouquets

Brides peony bouquet


White peony bridal bouquet

Pink peony wedding bouquet ideas

Pink wedding bouquet

Trending wedding bouquets

Pink wedding bouquet