Wedding DIY – How to make Paper Pom Poms

Tissue Pom Pom Instruction Reading Time: 3 minutes

Making your own paper pom poms is possibly the easiest and cheapest wedding DIY projects to try.  Paper Pom Poms are just a brilliant way of adding colour and impact into a venue space that needs a bit of help. Paper Pom Poms can be strung up as garlands or situated on mass at the base of a staircase or table.  For all of our Easy DIY wedding crafts click here

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To make these lovely tissue paper pom poms.
You will need …

  • Tissue Paper (about 9 sheets)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or string

Paper Pom Pom Equipment
Paper Pom poms Instructions: 

Step 1

Take 9 sheets of tissue paper. You can use whatever colours you wish, whether that’s just one colour or multiple to match your colour scheme. Put the sheets into a pile.

Paper Pom Pom Instruction
Step 2

With the pile portrait, fold over the paper from the bottom to create a slim strip about 1.5 inches. Flip the pile over and fold about 1.5 inches of the paper again, making sure that the edges line up at the bottom. Repeat this until you have no more tissue paper left.

Tissue Pom Pom Instruction
Step 3

Cut a strip of ribbon or string, around 10 inches in length, and tie a double knot in the middle of the folded tissue paper. You can tighten the ribbon to make a more scrunched up Pom Pom.

Tissue Pom Pom Instruction

Step 4

At both ends of the folded paper, cut a semi circle to form a petal shape. Don’t worry about the petals being neat


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Tissue Pom Pom Instruction
Step 5

Hold the bottom half of the folded tissue paper, start to pull out each sheet of paper, pulling it away from the fold as far as it can go. Continue to do this, alternating sides, then turn over and do the same on the other half.

Tissue Pom Pom Instruction
You will know have a fab tissue paper Pom Pom. Scrunch up the paper to add more volume. With the strands of ribbon, you can now tie the Pom Pom and create a fab decor piece. Use more or less sheets of paper to change the thickness, and use larger or smaller sheets of tissue paper to change the size.
Paper Pom Pom Instruction
These pom poms make cute decorations for a venue for a table centre piece, on the back of chairs or hanging from trees if you are having an outdoor wedding. For more wedding DIY projects click here

Wedding paper pom poms

Paper pom poms

How to make paper pom poms