16 beautiful Ombré Wedding Dresses

Black ombré wedding dress
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The latest bridal trend taking brides by storm are Ombre Wedding Dresses. Indie wedding dress designers on Etsy is where you need to be to find the best. For brides looking for alternative wedding ideas the ombre wedding dress is the perfect solution. Brides can really have fun with this look while still keeping the traditional white wedding dress at the core.

Darker ombré colours such as purple, black and blue can really give a gothic vibe for a more unconventional wedding.   This is a great twist for brides that really want a non traditional wedding dress.  For a softer look I also love the paler pastel ombré colours which really add a feminine modern twist to a traditional wedding.

Ombre Wedding Dress colours?

An ombre wedding dress has a graduation of colour fading out to the natural dress. It can be deep colours, one colour, a mix of colours or pale  colours – think watercolour effect.  Typically this is an effect applied to the dress once it has been bought or you can find the finished wedding dress usually on handmade websites such as Etsy.

If this is the look you want make sure you ask a Dress alteration specialist about this service. It is not something you should DIY yourself. Etsy is a great source for shops providing this service.

However, I can also recommend Bex brides on Etsy who specialises in ombre wedding dresses, providing a colouring service on your dress as well as her own collection of wedding gowns.

Purple Ombre Wedding Dress

The bride bought the base dress for only £60 and had it completely transformed by Bexbrides who created the finished purple ombre wedding dress. The wedding gown was customised with a gorgeous rich purple ombré effect. Bexbrides can be found on Etsy as Ecclectic Brides

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Purple ombré wedding dress
Credit: Orange Lemur Photography read the full blog feature via Rock and Roll Bride

Pink Ombre Wedding Dresses

This has got to be one of the prettiest pink wedding dresses ever! Just proving that this beautiful ombré effect is not just for dark way out wedding styles. This is a beautiful soft pink ombré wedding dress which is so romantic and pretty. We love the graduation of colour on the skirt and the lace overlay just finishes the gown off perfectly.

Credit: Bexbrides shop Eclectic Brides on Etsy

Pink ombré wedding dress

Pale pink and hints of colour in this pink Ombre Wedding gown from Wardrobe by Dulcinea on Etsy is such a romantic look.

Pale pink Ombre Wedding dress

Blue Ombré Wedding Dresses

Holy smokes this stunning blue ombré wedding dress from Eclectic Brides features a bold and dramatic peacock blue bodice with ombré colours to tie in.

Peacock blue ombré wedding dress
Black Ombré Wedding Dress

Black Ombre Wedding dress

A stunning two piece black and white wedding dress is the ultimate statement for the modern bride. We love this edgy look which is soft and romantic rather than dark and gothic.  The gorgeous black lace wedding top works so well with the chiffon black ombré wedding skirt.

Credit: Sweet Caroline Styles  Photo: Laura Craffey

Black ombré wedding dress

Lilac Ombré Wedding Dress

Image Credit: Etsy at Wardrobe by Dulcinea

Lilac ombré wedding dress

Lilac Ombre Wedding dress

Pale Blue Ombré Wedding Dress

Blue wedding dresses are really on the rise in terms of popularity and this gorgeous two piece wedding dress features the most gorgeous pale blue ombré wedding skirt.
Shop this look on Etsy at Wardrobe by Dulcinea

Pale blue ombré wedding dress

Peach and Coral Ombré Wedding Dress

Coral ombré wedding dress
Credit: Image Lizelle Goussard Photography via hey wedding lady 

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Blush Ombré Wedding Dresses

Subtle hints of colour on these stunning wedding dresses from Kelly Faetanini

Blush ombré wedding dress Blush ombré wedding dress Blush ombré wedding dress

Pastel Coloured Ombré Wedding Dresses

These hand dyed Leanne Marshall stunning ombre wedding gowns epitomise her light and ethereal style, the movement in the fabrics really works well with the colours.

Blue ombré wedding dress

Leanne Marshall ombré wedding dress

Pastel ombré wedding dress

Blue wedding dress

Colourful Ombré Wedding Dress

For brides wanting to inject some colour into their wedding dress ombré is certainly the way to do this without going over the top. These are some of the most beautiful vibrant colours seen on a wedding dress.

Credit: Leanne Marshall

Yellow ombré wedding dress

Colourful Ombré wedding dressUnconventional Wedding Dresses

One thing we are seeing is the formality of weddings giving way to a more laid back vibe. For some having a formal wedding ceremony and traditional sit down formal reception just doesn’t reflect modern couples today. Not to mention the cost of such stereotypical wedding events are very expensive. Instead couples are opting for more personal unconventional weddings where there are no rules. Therefore, it goes without saying that wedding dress trends would go the same way.  The Ombre wedding dress takes centre stage at an alternative wedding and we think its a trend that is here to stay.

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This post contains affiliate links which just means that we receive a commission at no cost to yourselves.