How to make Rustic table numbers

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Making rustic table numbers for your wedding is a super easy wedding DIY, that can be done quickly with little skill or equipment. It is the perfect wedding DIY to get friends involved because it doesn’t take a lot of skill or precision. Make it a social occasion and get all your wedding DIY projects done together.

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Bring together all your family and besties then why not get everyone round the table, get everyone to pitch in with some nibbles and hospitality and make it a bit of a hen do!
 rustic table numbers
rustic table numbers

You will need…

Bamboo skewers or dowel rods
Fabric glue (but even PVA glue will work)
Buttons/sequins/Ribbons to embellish the flags

Follow this…

Fold the hessian in half and cut the desired size flag for your table numbers. If you want to be super organised you could print out a template for everyone to use to cut round. This way the size and shape is more uniform if that is what you are looking for.

DIY table numbers
Brush a thin layer of glue onto the outer edges of the flag and close to where the bamboo skewer will lie.
diy table numbers
Stick the hessian flag together, pressing firmly in place and leave to dry
DIY table numbers
Paint on your numbers or alternatively you can use buttons, pearls, ribbons, sequins and lace to embellish your table numbers. Be careful not to add weighty decorative items to the ends of the flags. The embellishments may cause the flag to droop, ideally you want it to stand up so people can read their table number.
DIY table numbers
Voila, there you have super easy rustic table numbers. Just add to your flower arrangements on each table.

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Enjoy x

DIY Rustic table numbers

Rustic table number

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