5 DIY Wedding Hairstyles anyone can do

5 DIY Wedding Hairstyles anyone can do

One way to save money on your wedding is to create your own bridal hairstyle on the day.  Five different video tutorials show how easy these DIY  wedding hairstyles are and the amazing results that can be created at home.

Expect plenty of back-combing, hairspray and bobby pins in these tutorials!

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DIY Wedding hairstyles

There is a lot of unnecessary pressure on brides to go the whole hog and pay for hair and makeup services on the day. However, so many on trend bridal hairstyles are quite simple and lend themselves to being done perhaps with a little help from the bridesmaids. If you are planning your wedding on a budget this could seriously save you hundreds of pounds.  Don’t forget it is highly likely you may have some other salon treatment before the day such as a cut, colour refresh or blow dry, so keep this in mind.

Seriously, if it is a wedding hairstyle you can do yourself, then why pay someone else. It is a no brainer really.

3 Reasons why you should DIY your wedding hairstyle.

  1. It will save you hundreds of pounds in professional fees
  2. Taking back control means you don’t have to worry about the hairdresser not turning up on the day.
  3. Keeping your hairstyle within your control means you are more likely able to do your own touch ups through the day.

1. Long and curly hair … 

These three different styles uses plaits to create bohemian hair styles that are quick and easy to do.

2. Bridal hairstyles for natural hair …

For ladies with natural hair, there are three different ideas to create sleek and elegant styles.

3. Short wedding hair …

Often brides with short hair, wonder how they can make their current style more bridal.  This short bridal hairstyle tutorial presented by Pose is great to give a lot of volume that isn’t just a blow-dry.

4. The elegant up-do …

Knot Me Pretty recreated a glamorous up-do inspired by Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor.

5. The classic French twist

Brides wanting a modern up-do, Alex Gaboury shows you how to do a simple french twist.

The french twist is a classic wedding updo, it can be accessorised with flowers, bridal hairpins or a delicate hair vine. The french twist can be smooth and chic or slightly messy for a modern twist.

DIY Wedding hairstyles

DIY Wedding hairstyles DIY wedding hairstyles

DIY wedding hairstyles


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